Vision and Mission


IMT Dubai aspires to become a leading University in the region for nurturing high quality professionals in management.


“The mission of IMT Dubai is to develop young leaders and professionals, with contemporary business knowledge and skills, and appropriate managerial behaviors matching the demand of the region. They will be socially responsible, and aware of the sustainable development goals. In that spirit, it is committed to engage in high quality teaching, contemporary research and interactions with the society”.

Strategic Objectives & Goals

  • Offering high-quality programs relevant to businesses and industries in the region.
  • Creating productive environments conducive to student learning and professional development.
  • Attaining national, regional, and international recognition for high quality academic programs.
  • Fostering partnerships with industry and government bodies for experiential learning.
  • Promoting international outreach with recognized universities and institutions.
  • Focusing on applied business research relevant to industry, business, and society.

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