Vision and Mission


IMT Dubai aspires to become a leading University in the region for nurturing high-quality professionals in management.


Our mission is to impart quality education to prepare the next generation of ethical business professionals. We adopt interactive teaching pedagogies & undertake applied research by engaging in real issues of the corporate and social sector.

Strategic Goals & Objectives

  • Goal-1: Offer high-quality programs relevant to business and industry in the region.
        Obj 1a: To design and deliver portfolio of programs and courses in the areas of business,
    management and allied fields.
        Obj 1b: To sensitize students to sustainability, environmental and ethical issues related to
    business and society.
  • Goal-2: Create conducive and productive environment for student learning and professional
         Obj 2a: To adopt innovative pedagogical methods that will enrich student learning and
         Obj 2b: To actively pursue student and faculty mobility with international partner
         Obj 2c: To develop high-quality teaching materials, textbooks, cases and reference books to
    augment teaching and learning experience.
         Obj 2d: To provide IT-enabled processes for teaching, learning and related activities.
  • Goal-3: Attain National, Regional and International Recognition for High-Quality Academic
         Obj 3a: To benchmark and improve curriculum and academic processes every three years.
         Obj 3b: To strive and achieve international accreditations for the programs.
  • Goal-4: Foster partnership with industry and government bodies for experiential learning
         Obj 4a: To offer executive education programs for professionals and executives.
         Obj 4b: To engage with industry for collaborative projects and strengthen industry-academia interface.
  • Goal-5: Promote international outreach with recognized universities and institutions.
         Obj 5a: To have a diversified mix of students and faculty from different geographical
         Obj 5b: To create and develop partnership with institutions of repute.
  • Goal-6: Focus on applied business research relevant to industry, business and society.
          Obj 6a: To support high quality applied research in corporate and social sector
          Obj 6b: To encourage faculty and students research publications in conferences and journals.