1. IMT will get student entry permit issued within 2 weeks from the date of documents received. Student can arrive inside UAE with this entry permit.  

  1. After arrival Visa stamping process and issuance of emirates identity card will be completed within 4 to 5 weeks. IMT will organize medical test, biometric test and visa stamping, and issuance of emirates identity card. Student will get one-year student residence visa stamped on his/her passport. 

  1. As per UAE rule it is mandatory for IMT to ensure visa cancellation is done before the student leaves UAE after completion of the program.  

Health Insurance 

All Students must be covered by health insurance. A nurse is available on campus for basic medical treatment and minor emergencies. In addition, the students must provide, at the time of joining, a proof of having cleared all vaccination requirements. The OSS facilitates the provision of Health Insurance and Health Services to the students. 

Dubai International Academic City has an ambulance on the premises on a 24-hour basis for any medical emergencies.  

For emergency after office hour students must contact the security office at the Residences.