1. International Exchange 

Students can opt for International Exchange from the 3rd Semester /Term/Module onwards. Students can earn up to 25% of credits of the Graduate program and 50% of the Undergraduate program at a partner institution having a specific agreement to that effect with IMTD. The offering of the International exchange option is at the discretion of the Institute. The process followed for international exchange is as below: 

  • To be considered for an International Exchange, a student must have a satisfactory academic record with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 at the end of the 2nd semester/2nd term/ 2nd module. Students on academic probation in the first and/or second term are not eligible for international exchange. 

  • Interested students can submit a written request to the Chair-International Relations substantiating the reasons for applying for the Exchange Program. After the review, Chair- International Relations nominate the student and inform the respective program chairs. 

  • The credits earned in the exchange program will be transferred as per IMT transfer admission policy. 


  1. Transfer Admission from other universities 

The conditions for transfer admission are as follows: 

  • The university from where the student is transferring must be recognized by the Ministry of Education, UAE, or the Ministry of education of their respective country. 

  • The program must be at the same level and it should not be very different. 

  • The student shall submit the official transcripts of all post-secondary work attempted at all institutions attended. 

  • Credits completed in other universities must be mapped with IMT courses for the award of credits exemption by the Course Mapping Committee. 

  • Same course taken in two different institutions shall not be granted credits twice. 

  • For the undergraduate level program, grade C (minimum 2 on a 4 scale) and above are eligible to be transferred. The credit transfer shall not be more than 50 % of the total credits in the Undergraduate level. For the Graduate level program, Grade B (minimum 3 on a 4 scale) above is required to be transferred. The credit transfer shall not be more than 25% of the total credits at the Graduate level. 

  • No credit transfer is allowed for graduation projects/ thesis completed in other universities. 

  • Other eligibility requirements including English Proficiency (refer to Sections 6A.c and 6B. b) and Arabic language (refer to Section 6A. e) requirements are to be fulfilled. 

The Registrar shall issue a timely notification to the student, prior to admission, of the transferability of credit, how much credit is granted, and how the accepted credit will be applied to the degree program of the receiving institution.