Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair, Student Life

Welcome to IMT Dubai and to our Student Life pages! I’m the Chair of Student Life, which means it is my role and responsibility to make your total experience studying at IMT Dubai as enriching as possible. With these pages we hope to show and tell you enough about student life at IMT Dubai to make you want to enroll in one of our academic programs just to be a part of the experience, or to make you proud if you are already here with us. To this end, we share with you what we have been doing as a community, what is happening at the moment, and what our plans are for the coming year.

Student life and experience involve both academic or curricular aspects of study and the social, cultural, and physical extracurricular dimensions a campus has to offer. We strive to make both curricular and extracurricular programs fulfilling and balanced, attempting to stimulate, challenge, and satisfy heart, mind, and body. To get the most out of academics, students need time and space for study, and ready access to sufficient resources. They also need time and space for relaxation, recreation, and release. Thus, comfort and climate, ambience and accessibility are important We are attending to each of these. However, since students may not always have the motivation or wherewithal to come up with ways to use their time and space most wisely, IMT Dubai’s Student Life program provides a continuous series of diverse events, activities, excursions, and other opportunities, and provides facilities, gear, and transportation to keep almost everyone interested, engaged, and active—all safely and responsibly.

While we do our best to sustain exceptional experience for all of our students, we know that we can always do better. We promise, then, to seek feedback from the entire student body—whether accommodated on- or off-campus, whether full or part-time—on how we are doing and to listen to all criticisms and suggestions. We will address failures and insufficiencies that impede study and erode satisfaction with student life and experience.

Having asserted our commitment, I conclude with the reminder that a fulfilling student life and experience is not one-sided and the sole responsibility of the institution. Students must take advantage of what’s on offer and take the initiative to create, support, and participate in new and different initiatives. With vision, ingenuity, and coordinated effort, there are few limits to what we can accomplish.

Thank you and all the best!