Student Life

The Whole Person Concept

At IMT Dubai we recognise that a student’s life involves much more than academic studies and “matters of the head”, as important as those are. We care about the whole person, and try to create an environment that nourishes the body and spirit, as well as the mind. We believe that studying hard and doing well academically should be balanced with time for recreation, physical activity, socializing, and broadening horizons. We are committed to providing a safe and enriching environment that allows personal growth and expression and supports development of global citizenship and multiple intelligences, including cultural awareness, artistry and drama, and athletic prowess. In sum, Student Life comprises academic study—the curricular aspects—as well as the extracurricular dimensions of study. Both are important. Both serve to develop the well-rounded individual equipped for a lifetime of meaningful contribution to society.

With the goal of producing graduates willing and able to make a positive difference at their places of work and in their communities, IMT Dubai emphasizes three inter-related dimensions in its approach to Student Life: Experience, Engagement, and Community. These three domains span and integrate academics and extracurricular activities. Coursework is practical and experiential, engages students in real and worthwhile projects, and involves work in and relationships with industry and the community. Extracurricular activities and events are designed to make use of and develop students’ hearts, souls, and bodies through interesting, stimulating, and diverse challenges and fun pursuits. Students are continually invited to participate in a range of social, cultural, and sports activities with IMT students, faculty, and staff, with students from other institutions, and with members of the local community. The basic idea is to build community: provide a welcoming and comfortable place for students to thrive. The IMT campus and Student Life should offer students, alumni, and visitors a home away from home, an extended family, and a destination of choice—a place where we all want to spend our time, even when we live off campus.

Student Life and Its Impact

IMT Dubai has a strong brand, known regionally and internationally as an institution of higher learning that emphasises an enriching student experience, where academics and extracurricular activities are interwoven and harmonious. Students want to join IMT Dubai not only because of its academic reputation but also because of the fullness and diversity of its co-curricular offerings. All students studying at IMT Dubai welcome participating in the wide range of events and activities on offer, and work hard to make them successful and memorable for all parties concerned. While faculty and staff support and participate in a variety of ways, students, themselves, effectively and eagerly plan and carry-out activities and events, newer and younger students learning from their more-senior peers. Students from all years and programs are continually involved, challenged by tasks through which they develop key management, leadership, and team skills, and are rewarded for their contributions. All stakeholder groups (communities) are united as One IMT [campus community and extended family]. Thus everyone, irrespective of role or level, understands the importance of getting involved and all do what they can to engage and promote inclusive engagement. Inspired by their enthusiastic Director and Dean, members of faculty and staff work side-by-side to participate and support scheduled activities and events and new initiatives. The notions and values of community, citizenship, and service undergird design and delivery of student life and experience and mutual engagement at IMT Dubai, including rich and rewarding relationships with local industry and community groups and our alumni.

Design Principles and Values

  • Rich and rewarding student life and experience are valuable in their own right, contributing to balanced and holistic development, reducing the stress of and making hard, academic study more pleasant.
  • Curricular and co-curricular activities can and should go hand-in-hand (be complementary and both serving in coordinated and continuous way toward overall student development and satisfaction).
  • Student life and experience are not just about students: faculty, staff, industry partners, and alumni all need to show support through continuous engagement.
  • Participation and support should be easy and rewarding.
  • Healthy student life and holistic development require a well-rounded, balanced, and diverse set of experiences that serve a range of personal and professional needs and interests. While students can and should have much choice in offerings, varied offerings there must be. (These include sports and recreation, cultural events, and professional development activities outside coursework such as networking, communication skills-building (e.g., Toastmasters), clubs (e.g. chess).
  • Sustainability is key. Program success cannot hinge on a small or dwindling minority of students, staff, or faculty who drive student life. Succession, mentoring, and training all need to be a part of a viable, on-going program. Viability depends on self-sufficiency rather than dependency on a limited budget forever in jeopardy of withdrawal or exhaustion.
  • A culture of engagement—a campus-wide orientation—is necessary. In such a culture, it is “taken as given” that events and activities will be well-attended, have great senior management and faculty support, attract and unify individuals and teams from all stakeholder groups. People not only feel obligated to participate but eager and do so enthusiastically.