Student Committees

IMT Dubai currently has 16 Committees, Clubs, and Student Organisations (CCSOs).  These are listed and described below.  CCSOs are comprised of DCP students as well as MBA and BSBA students.  There may also be the occasional representative from our local Emirati students.

Because of annual cycles, DCP students have the lion’s share of organizing and establishing the CCSOs and are charged with the responsibility of integrating new members when they arrive for their semesters.  Because of the fact that DCP students are here at IMT Dubai only for one year, continuity over time poses a big challenge.  It is incumbent upon DCP students to plan for and manage a smooth handover/transition, including ensuring that continuing MBA and BSBA students are ready, willing, and able to keep their respective CCSOs working smoothly and effectively post-DCP departure back to India.

As most CCSOs have multiple functions and objectives, there are likely to be sub-committees and project teams.  Coordination and careful management within CCSOs are extremely important, and effective coordination across CCSOs is essential.  This is a large part of the responsibilities of the first CCSO described below:  the Student Council.

1. Student Council. The Student Council role is extremely important at IMT Dubai.  It will be formalized upon arrival of full-time BSBA and MBA students in September.  Student Council is IMT Dubai’s version of student government, and members later will be elected positions.  There will be at the minimum President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  For now, this CCSO is charged with the task of setting up the student governance structure and process, along with a range of immediate and continuing tasks in support of campus engagement, student life, and co-curricular affairs.  Duties include serving as the student voice for the Mess Facility, supporting academics, such as class representation, and participating in disciplinary hearings.

2. Enterprise Relations. This committee includes Alumni Affairs, Career Services, Sponsorship, Corporate Relations, and Student Ambassadors.  For alumni, the CCSO (a) creates and updates a database of all the IMT alumni, (b) invites IMT alumni to campus for guest lectures/talks, (c) organises and participates in alumni evenings / meets, (d) initiates short-term projects / internships and passes them over to internship or project coordinators, (e) improves alumni connect, and (f) works to ensure alumni are involved in the wide range of campus engagement activities.  Committee members work closely with other Career Services staff to ensure synergy across the engagement activities.

For Career Services, this CCSO focuses on three major, closely-related aspects or functions of career services:  short-term projects (STPs), internships, and placement.  STPs and internships are for students while they study, and placement for those preparing to graduate and enter the full-time working world.  Members of the committee are a mix of postgraduates [DCP, MBA (and, in future, MIM)], and undergraduates (BSBA (soon BBA)].  The CCSO works to ensure appropriate positions for students and graduates, healthy relationships with industry and the community, a student body well-prepared to compete for and perform well in their prospective positions, and contact is maintained with students and their supervisors while on STPs and internships, and there exists sufficient follow-up with graduates once placed.

Mentorship is provided by standing member of Career Services along with at least one faculty representative.  Committee member responsibilities include:  (a) identifying potential suitable organisations where our students might find job and project opportunities and gathering and compiling information regarding these on a continuous basis; (b) exploring final placement opportunities for the students of MBA and DCP students and improve overall industry-connect of the programs; (c) working intensely with students to help them best prepare for interviews and the selection process, their learning experiences while on STP or internship, and their successful employment once placed; (d) working diligently to ensure best relationships are maintained with industry and community and to obtain synergies across the internship, STP, and placement programs.

With respect to Corporate Relations, the CCSO contacts industry experts and representatives, and working with the Campus Engagement Coordination Committee (and other committees, clubs, and student organisations, as appropriate, e.g., Academic Committee and Alumni Committee), invites them for guests talks.  It also works to promote consultancies, training, and other opportunities for and to industry and the community.  Additionally, the committee works to champion and enhance the IMT brand regionally and beyond.

In terms of Sponsorship, this CCSO takes the lead in identifying, approaching, cultivating relationships, and following-through with sponsors and potential sponsors.  Members ensure a sufficient number of motivated students are available and equipped to seek sponsorship, monitor the process, and communicate with senior management relevant issues and requirements.  Members of the Sponsorship Committee are likely members of other committees, groups, and organisations, and they receive tailored training and mentoring in sponsorship activity.

3. Society. This CCSO is largely a social and cultural committee.  It (a) plans and organises cultural events on campus, including inter-institutional events and activities; (b) improves participation in inter-college cultural festivals; and (c) works / coordinates with other committees, clubs, and student organisations to ensure maximum publicity and participation.  It manages the Recreation Centre and Music Room, and major events such as the annual gala Vaudeville.  It develops and solicits games and activities of all sorts that involve diverse students, showcase their interests, feed their passions, and build breadth of interests.  It must be more outward looking than ever in the past and ensure IMT Dubai is doing more with, in, and for the larger community.

4. Media and Public Relations Committee. This committee is involved in and shows leadership for:  (a) designing promotional material for Student Life programs, events, and activities; and, as directed, (b) developing and managing social and digital media presence of IMT programs across different social-media and digital platforms; (c) coordinating with other committees to actively gather information about activities / achievements of IMT Dubai; (d) improving the media presence and impact of programs; (e) demonstrating strong presence at all engagement events and exploiting the “brand” and “buzz” potential inherent in such events.

In addition, this CCSO produces one or more major periodical such as Campus Life Magazine, a showcasing channel for campus life and student engagement activities, and might include student achievements and creative endeavours (writing, photography, drama, music performance).  Appropriate mode might be a newsletter and / or suitable social media platforms.

5. Orators. This is our Public Speaking and Debate Club.  It includes Toastmasters, and is responsible for developing IMT Dubai’s Model United Nations program.  Orators organises a series of internal activities and events to hone the communication skills of the students. It organises inter- and intra-college events based around public speaking and / or debate, and promotes participation in such activities offered elsewhere.

6. Arts. The Arts CCSO promotes arts and crafts activities and competitions, and supports student artistic and creative interest and skill development.  Arts includes (but perhaps is not limited to) photography and visual imagery, filmmaking, sculpting, library, books and reading, movie screening and critique.  (Note:  drama, dance, theatre, and music are separate).

As examples, this CCSO might sponsor book reviews, arrange authors for readings and book signings, set up trips to libraries, and tours of the city’s best bookstores.  Members would identify similar groups in the region and attempt to unite in common interests and objectives.  Promoting reading and the value of books to others in the community would be a particularly noteworthy aspiration.  In terms of movies, the CCSO might host informal gatherings where people can encounter ideas, experiences and emotions that may not be everyday topics of discussion but which shape all our lives. Movie screenings could be accompanied by character analysis, critiquing and analysis of techniques used. There are also occasional trivia quizzes and winners will be rewarded.

7. Sustainability and Environment. This CCSO has a broad but strategic brief at IMT Dubai.  It amalgamate sustainability and environment; CSR; citizenship; charity; and the UN Global Compact and PRiME.  In general, this committee promotes sustainability and awareness of the importance of the environment and environmental protection on campus and in the larger community.

It develops opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to get involved in regional events and with related organisations.  Its main focus is to assist IMT Dubai to fulfil its commitments with respect to the UN Global Compact and PRiME (Principles for Responsible Management Education), and reporting on the same.  It also promotes awareness of and commitment to principles, values, and goals of Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship—what it means to be a good citizen locally and globally, individually and corporately.  It is about ethics and doing the right thing.  It is about giving back and working to create and sustain healthy and vibrant workplaces and communities.  The CCSO is involved in Green Team Schools Program, IMT’s solar power initiative, and supporting and coordinating activities associated with IMT’s designated charity, the SOWO Foundation in Kenya.

8. Wellness. With a very broad and important brief, this CCSO is IMT Dubai’s sport and recreation committee, but addresses health, vitality, and fitness.  It is all about well-being and lifelong health, physical, mental, and spiritual.  The CCSO manages the gym, organizes and supports intra- and intercollege competitions and on-going fitness and lifestyle activities, and serves as IMT Dubai’s POC for the Dubai Fitness Challenge and other community and corporate events.

9. Drama, Theatre, Dance, and Music. As befits the title, this CCSO, 23, members promote dance and musical performance and appreciation in all forms possible, from traditional and classical to hip hop.  They plan, organise, and host competitions, exhibitions, seminars and training, and bring in special guests performers and teachers.  Members of the CCSO work closely with other committees, such as Sports and Recreation and Social and Cultural Committee to ensure best participation and publicity.  They support and encourage campus dancers to prepare for and participate in inter-institutional competitions and cultural events.

The CCSO is for individuals who enjoy or want to develop confidence and competence in drama and theatre, especially acting and expression.  Members will plan, organise, and deliver at least one major production in the year, as well as supporting lesser performances and events such as Vaudeville.  Members are likely to participate in or support other IMT students in preparing for interinstitutional events.  An additional objective might be to coordinate with similar groups in other institutions to arrange a regional event.

10. TedX. TedX is a major corporate affair and huge media event showcasing IMT and what it can do (February-March).  This CCSO plans, organizes, and manages the entire process and event, from clarifying topics to recruiting speakers.  This event brings international attention to IMT Dubai and is extremely important.  Only the most determined and industrious individuals should apply.

11. Innovation and Entrepreneurship. As entrepreneurship and innovation are key objectives of a modern and global academic institution and must feature in what and how we teach, this committee promotes awareness of the need and possibilities for innovation and entrepreneurship.  In so doing, CCSO members build and demonstrate their own I&E skills, knowledge, and disposition, whilst working to make IMT’s academic curriculum and co-curricular activities and experiences more innovative, practical, and attuned to commercial interests. Members will be inventive and passionate about converting ideas into reality.  They will create opportunities and build relationships that enable the student body to extend their networks and access venues where their innovative business and sustainability ideas can be brought closer to fruition.

This CCSO is also responsible for and runs Business School and Business Proposal CompetitionsFor the former, the CCSOe actively looks internationally for business competitions for students, solicits student participation in such competitions, and organises financially self-sustained business competitions on IMT campus.  Members work closely with other committees, clubs, and student organisations to ensure sufficient publicity and participation.  One expected activity is the Siemens Pearl Initiative Integrity Programme GCC-wide case study competition, ‘Implementing Integrity Practices in GCC Private and Public Businesses’.  For the latter, the CCSO organizes and runs one or more competitions for students (may include students from other schools) where they develop and propose business ideas [that they could try out in Dubai or back home].  The winner or winning team, having gone through rigorous judging, which might include alumni and local industry partners, is awarded 10,000 Dirhams seed money and / or support in kind to help them get their business up and running (September-December)

12. Marketing Club. This CCSO promotes marketing as a discipline and career, periodically compiles latest developments in the field of marketing and shares it with all concerned in the form of internal communication.  It also organises inter- and intra-college marketing activities / games / events. The committee may also provide inputs to the institute about marketing of its programs to the target audience.  As one specific objective, the club will organise a Marketing Conclave with the help of other committees by inviting by senior practitioners from industry.  Two marketing professors serve as mentor and advisor.

13. Economy Forum. The Economy Forum of the institute (a) identifies major economic blocks of the world, (b) continuously monitors and studies these economic blocks, (c) collects, compiles, and shares information about these blocks; (d) creates platforms where all the students get the opportunity to public express/discuss their views on economic affairs.  A Professor of Economics serves as mentor and advisor.  Previous forums established a high benchmark in delivering on the goals and values of this CCSO.

14. HR Club. This club includes students who wish to opt for HR as their major or minor specialisation.  It collects and compiles latest developments in the field of HR and shares it with students and faculty members.  As example, the club might organise an HR round-table by inviting senior HR professionals from industry.  As needed, the institute may also involve the committee in designing / implementing some HR activities of the institute.  A senior faculty member in the Human Resource Management area serves as mentor and advisor.

15. Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain. Comprised of students who intend to specialise in these fields, this CCSO updates interested parties periodically about latest developments in the field of operations management. It organises, for example, conclaves, seminars, industry visits, and guest speakers. If needed, they may also be involved in management and maintenance of institute infrastructure.  A senior faculty member in the operations and logistics area serves as mentor and advisor.

16. Information Communication and Technology. This CCSO promotes interest in IT business applications and works to connect students and others in the area who share similar interests and goals.  The club strives to organise ICT-related events and activities on and off campus.  Members work with faculty teaching ICT courses and specialists in the field to ensure the curriculum is current, relevant, interesting, comprehensive, and marketed sufficiently to attract the best students.