A primary objective of scholarships at IMT Dubai is to promote the recruitment and retention of high academic achievers. Equally, we understand the importance of difference and diversity and we do not want financial limitations or special needs to get in the way of quality education.

We believe that every student has their own unique ability and achievements which deserve acknowledgment and recognition. Hence, scholarships are awarded in various categories as described below:

SN Scholarship Category Based on Scholarship Percentage is applicable on Tuition fees only
1. Academic Excellence Scholarships Awarded on first year’s tuition fees based on Grade 12 results or equivalent. Up to 100%, for the 1st and 2nd Semester tuition fees
2. Merit Scholarships Awarded to IMT BBA weekday students for meritorious academic performance during their study in IMT. 20%, on the subsequent semester based on the CGPA of the previous semester
3. Sibling Discount Scheme Sibling Reference

Existing student: 10% on the next 2 semesters.

New/Sibling student: 10% on the first and last semester.

4. Scholarship Student Diversified Applicants from underrepresented Countries like Africa, and Commonwealth of Independent Countries), and Central Asia Up to 40% last semester tuition fees
5. Referral Scheme Given to current students/alumni who refer a friend to join the program AED 2,000/-
Academic Excellence Scholarship
  Scholarship on Tuition Fees
Scholarship for 1st Semester Tuition Fee 100% 85% 70% 40%
Scholarship for 2nd  Semester Tuition Fee 50% 42.5% 35% 20%
 Curriculum Applicable for High School Grade Earned
UAE Secondary School Certificate/MOE 90% and above 85.0% – 89.9% 80.0% – 84.9% 75.0%-79.9%
UK O-Level+


[UK A-Level or

UK AS-Level]

4 A Grades +


[2 A Grades or

3 A Grades]

3 A Grades +


{1 A Grade or

2 A Grades]

2 A Grades+


{2 B Grades or

2 A Grades]

1 A Grade +


[1 B Grade or

3 B Grades]


Countries of the Former USSR 95.0% and above 90%-94.9% 85%-89.9% 80%-84.9%
Iranian Pre-university 18 and above 17 16 15
North American High School Certificate 95% and above 90%-94.9% 80%-89.9% 70%-79.9%
Nigerian High School Certificate WAEC A1 Grade B1 Grade B2 Grade B3 Grade


Note: Students availing of the academic excellence scholarship are not entitled to get any other discount.


  Scholarship on first semester tuition fee
Percentage Awarded 80% 60% 40%
Pilipino Curriculum 95% and above 90-94.9% 85 -89.9%



  Percentage of Scholarship Awarded
Scholarship on 1st-semester Tuition Fee 100% 85% 70% 40%
Scholarship on 2nd-semester Tuition Fee 50% 42.5% 35% 15%
 Curriculum Applicable for High School Grade Earned
Indian State Board Exams 90% and above 85.0% -89.9% 80.0%-84.9% 75.0%-79.9%
Indian Central Board of Secondary Education 90% and above 85.0% -89.9% 80.0%-84.9% 75.0%-79.9%
ISC Board (Indian School Certificate) 90% and above 85.0% -89.9% 80.0%-84.9% 75.0%-79.9%
Pakistani Board 90% and above 85.0% -89.9% 80.0%-84.9% 75.0%-79.9%
Bangladeshi Curriculum 90% and above 85.0% -89.9% 80.0%-84.9% 75.0%-79.9%
Merit-Based Scholarship

If a student scores a CGPA of 3.75 and above during the program, he/she is eligible for a merit-based scholarship for the next semester of the program. As per the scheme, 20% of the following semester’s tuition fee is exempted for the students. For the merit-based scholarship, students will be informed about the eligible scholarship by the Program office. If the student has availed Academic Excellence scholarship then Merit based scholarship is applicable from the 3rd semester.

Sibling Discount

When an existing student refers his brother/sister to pursue any degree at IMT Dubai, both the students are given a discount of 10% on the next two semesters’ tuition fee.

Existing student: 10% on the next 2 semesters.

New /Sibling student: 10% on the first and last semester.

In case, if the existing student is in the last semester of study, no discount will be applicable to him/her

If two or more siblings join together, they will receive 10% on the first and last semester/term/module.

Referral Scheme

Current students/Alumni will be offered a rebate of AED 2,000/- in the next semester’s tuition fee for referring every student to any of the IMT Dubai’s Programs.

Diversified Scholarship

Applicants from underrepresented countries or regions may qualify for special international scholarships, to provide a truly global learning experience. A maximum of 10 students from Africa, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent Countries), and Central Asia will get up to 40% scholarship in the last two-semester tuition fee.

  • Scholarships are not granted for living costs, transportation, insurance, visa costs, registration, books, activities, or other fees.
  • The student will be awarded only one type of scholarship, rebate, or discount of the highest value, in case a student qualifies for more than one, and Referral scheme rebates are additionally applicable.
  • Scholarships and grants are valid for the term offered and cannot be deferred.
  • The above scholarship scheme is valid for the fall 2023 intake.
  • Any variation to the policy will be intimated to the Management Committee.
  • While there is no formal application for scholarships, students are required to apply for availing of scholarship along with all documents.
  • Requests for a scholarship can be sent by email to the following email address: admissions@imt.ac.ae with the subject “BBA 2023 Scholarship application”.