Program Details

Through the B.Com. program, our students experience an industry-focused curriculum taught by esteemed faculty, experiential learning through internships and company projects and a large concentration on core business subjects with a specialization in accountancy.


Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy program have the following objectives:

  • To develop knowledge of the business environment and its processes to understand sources of accounting transaction and events.
  • To impart knowledge of accounting principles.
  • To develop the skills required to excel in the field of accounting.
  • To develop functional abilities to prepare and present financial reports to various stakeholders independently and contribute significantly to a team member.
  • To enable students to develop abilities to establish internal financial control system within an organization.
  • To enable students to develop abilities to carry out audit of accounts.
  • To develop ability to pursue advanced accounting professional studies.

BCOM Learning outcomes

  1. Apply accounting knowledge and principles in the given economic, legal and social context (Knowledge).
  2. Implement relevant methods to prepare accounting records and financial reports in physical and electronic modes (Skill) BCOM Program Structure November 2016
  3. Evaluate and analyze financial information independently as well as part of a team for effective managerial decisions (Autonomy & Responsibility)
  4. Identify and select various checks and balances of an internal financial control mechanism, and parameters of evaluating the system in the context of nature and size of an organization (Role in Context)
  5. Display professional and ethical attributes in maintaining accounting records and audit thereof (Self Development)
  6. Identify various developments in the field of interest for further learning (Self Development).