Volleyball Competition (28th Feb 2022)

March 2, 2022

On February 28th, the Sports Committee at IMT Dubai organised the first sports event of the year, the Volleyball Tournament. This tournament covered six matches between two teams from the Dual Country Program, one team of Bachelors of Business Administration students, and a team comprising of Faculty and Staff of IMT Dubai. During the tournament, the players showcased healthy competitive spirits and put up multiple thrilling matches for the audience, who gave constant support to the players and made the event a colourful and lively affair.

Following are the fixtures and their winners respectively:

DCP 1 v BBA – DCP 1

DCP 2 v Faculty – DCP 2

DCP 1 v Faculty – DCP 1

DCP 2 v BBA – DCP 2

BBA v Faculty – Faculty

DCP 1 v DCP 2 – DCP 2