Vaudeville 2020

February 19, 2020

Day 1 of Vaudeville held true to its legacy yet again.

The day’s events were all about sports with a pinch of trivia. With action-packed football fixtures, smash filled ping pong and volleyball matches that gripped spectators in suspense.

To start with, the IMT ping pong team dawned the crown of champions in the doubles event.
The six-a-side football cup had 2 squads repping team IMT, both held a great display of rigor and sportsmanship.
IMT’s volleyball team faced tough competition on their way to the finals, none the less they aced through the semis and secured a place in the finals.
Lastly, the I&E committee held the qualifiers for In-Quiz-It, the annual business quiz.

Stay tuned to find out what Day 2 beholds!