IMT had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Matteo Boffa, Head of the Environmental Group

November 26, 2019

“Don’t spend to destroy, invest to create.”
Mr. Matteo Boffa, General Manager, Etuix took the stage to show how he has implemented what many have only conceptualized.
An environmentalist at heart and an entrepreneur by trade, Mr. Boffa founded multiple brands; Etuix, Thealy. He is also working with DGrade, they all aim at making daily products from recycled plastic. Etuix converts the PVC from billboards into daily objects like bags and purses, Thealy turns plastic bags into sneakers and DGrade processes plastic bottles to make everyday clothes like T-shirts.
Mr. Boffa also shared with us how his team at Etuix put up a billboard made from recycled plastic on Sheik Zayed Road, one of the busiest roads in Dubai, to spread awareness about their brand. The PVC used in that billboard was then used to produce bags. Another example of his marketing geniuses; he was the promoter and ambassador of ‘The Flipflopi’ a boat fabricated with plastic from molten flip-flops, the boat then voyaged from Kenya to Zanzibar to spread awareness about plastic in our oceans.
We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Matteo Boffa for sharing with us this journey towards a greener planet.