Message From the CEO

This has been a wonderfully successful year for all our IMT Business School campuses! It never ceases to amaze me on how we find numerous ways to excel and across the wide range of activities. While IMT Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR, India) has been ranked 4th amongst the private business schools in India1, IMT Business School (Dubai, UAE) is a host for the prominent leaders from varied walks of life – UAE Government, Banking, Hospitality, Retail, Aviation, IT to name a few. I am glad to inform you that IMT Business School has won the “Best Internship Placements” award in Forbes Middle East Higher Education Awards 2019.

In 2006, the IMT set up an independent UAE accredited business school in this sparkling city of innovation with the vision “to be a leading management institution that contributes to the development of business and society through excellence in grooming leadership, entrepreneurial talent and research.”

Today, I am humbled by our IMT Business School bustling campus – A pleasure to witness the classrooms, corridors, fields, playgrounds, hostels, library and canteen, filled with students from diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds, doing activities that nurture them to become 21st-century humanity-conscious leaders. IMT Business School is a unique business school in the UAE, in the sense that students are in the drivers’ seats. The whole concept around learning is built on, as Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” The eco-system is designed to enhance the

leadership qualities of the students. The faculty and the management teams are the mentors. Students drive Cultural fests, Literary events, Sustainability programs, Sporting challenges, Research explorations, Financial wizardry, Marketing initiatives, TED-x talks, Corporate speakers, and many more, imbibing the critical skill that the corporate’s value “Contribute as you Learn.”

IMT Business School is on its way to become the hub of innovation and entrepreneurial ventures. The students are encouraged to generate ideas that can make a difference in society and can stand the tests of time and financial viability. Due to its divergent student community, in terms of years of work experiences, industries they come from and their ethnic backgrounds, the interactions across these varied cohorts have created a culture of critical thinking and camaraderie, the skills that corporations would like to ingrain within their employees.

The hallmark of any great place of work is its employees’ performance. The faculty and the management staff teams of IMT Business School are one of the best in the UAE. It is illustrated by their long-standing tenures in the IMT Business School campus. As an organization, IMT Business School believes in training and supporting its faculty staff to be on the cutting- edge of their researches. This is reflected by the fact that 100% of our faculty staff publish researches in journals every year. Besides, the faculty are given regular training to improvise on their pedagogy styles to be in-sync with the rapid advancement in this area. This has directly benefitted the students with their understanding of the concepts and its applicability in the real-world scenarios.

The industry interactions are the focal point of the students in their coursework – Be it the short-term projects, or the internships or taking up assignments with the corporates. One of the recent assignments worth a mention is that of a self-sustainability program that the IMT Business School faculty and students, along with an NGO in Kenya have undertaken; to light up the homes in the remote villages via off-grid low-cost, low-maintenance solar lamps. After the successful proof of concept, the efforts are on to commercialize it for the villagers to run it as a self-sustained business in their vicinity. These industry-faculty-student partnerships encourage the students to be more socially aware of the needs of this century and come up with solutions that are practical and worthwhile in real-world settings.

IMT Business School strives to develop holistic personalities of the students so that they are prepared to thrive in the volatile, uncertain and complex environment in their chosen turfs – Nurturing #NextGenLeaders

Kaustubh Kashyap
Chief Executive Officer
IMT Business School – Dubai