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Management Lounge Meetup

Management Lounge Meetup

IMT Dubai conducted the Management Lounge Meetup October 2017 at the campus in DIAC. The theme of the event was “Innovation in Management” which was graced by prominent personalities from various schools in Dubai.

The workshop presented by Professor Jeremy Williams encouraged the participants to reflect on what it means to be a professional educator, school administrator or counselor in the 21st century. Its main purpose is to critique some of the popular beliefs about the characteristics of the current generation of students in schools, and what strategies might be employed to foster student engagement. The workshop also shared the possibilities and probabilities of employment and employability in the management side in current job market.

The Management Lounge Meetup is a unique platform that reaches out to our school partners for an interactive-academic collaboration. This is an initiative that benefits the principals and students through university engagements, projects, and talent-need collaborations.


Here’s a quick glance at the event conducted at our campus: