The BBA program at IMT incorporates practical training and provides opportunities for students to learn real-life business skills through internships. The students choose to do internships in the companies and areas of their choice, and this forms a key element of the learning process. The internship assignment is conducted on an individual basis and monitored and supervised by IMT faculty members together with a designated company supervisor. The Internship Program has two parts: Internships I & II. 

The details of the two internships are as follows: 


Internship I 

Internship I is completed after the fourth semester. Internship I is worth 4 academic credits and completed over a duration of six weeks. This internship intends to provide students with hands on experience in the real-world allowing students to learn about the company, the basic roles within a functioning business, and the general ecosystem of a business.  

Internship II  

Internship II carries 13 academic credits, and the duration is for 15 weeks. This internship is done during the eighth semester. It is more intensive in nature and allows students to spend more time as interns in a business organization. Students are expected to work on longer-term projects or rotate through different areas within the company. In Internship II, the student will undertake a research project of concrete and practical benefit to the host organization or the broader industry.  The student is expected to work in closer collaboration with the managers but also demonstrate the capability to work independently and in a responsible manner. 


We have a dedicated Office of Career Services and Chairperson of Internships who ensure smooth running of the internship program and provide 100% placement assistance. We make sure that high-quality internship opportunities are sourced based on the interests and aspirations of the students. Throughout the internship, students receive continuous support from designated faculty mentors with expertise in the area of the project. The entire internship process is outlined in the below flow chart. 



Industry Oriented Dissertation 

Conducting a research project under the guidance of a faculty member is a unique opportunity for students to not only hone their critical analysis and writing skills but also engage in deep exploration of real-life problems. With this objective in mind, an applied research dissertation is included as a compulsory component of the MBA program at IMT. This opportunity helps the students to familiarize themselves with industry best practices in the region, apply cutting edge theory to newer situations and deepen their knowledge is a chosen domain. Depending on the scope of the identified problem of research, the chosen topic for the dissertation can also be interdisciplinary in nature. 

The dissertation carries six credits, and the project will be completed over terms 3 and 4 of the program. The student, upon identifying an area of interest with the help of the Office of Career Services, can source for opportunities. The student should draft a proposal and seek out faculty to serve as a research mentor. The project will be conducted in close collaboration with the faculty mentor.