It is assumed that IMTD policy of grading ensures that the Faculty grades the student fairly and objectively. However, a dissatisfied student is allowed to challenge grade awarded in a subject which is limited to review of the marks awarded in the final examination as other internal components are already shared and discussed with the students. The following procedure must be followed for grade appeal: 

  • Students should first consult with the concerned Faculty and discuss their concerns. Most of the cases are expected to be sorted out by review of Final Exam and discussion between the student and the Faculty member.  
  • If the student is not satisfied, then they may put in a formal Grade appeal with the Office of the Registrar stating the reason thereof. The student can submit grade appeal for the following three reasons:  

o Totaling mistake; 

o Unmarked answer(s)  

o Under-marking answers as per the rubrics. 

  • The grade appeal must be submitted within a period of one week following the notification of grade to the student by the Registrar. Grade Appeal fee of AED210/- is applicable for Grade Appeal request.  
  • All Grade Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Registrar on the official Grade Appeal Form (available in Annexure). Reason(s) for Grade Appeal must be substantiated clearly on the form, with payment receipt of AED210/- per course.  
  • Office of Registrar will forward the Grade Appeals to the concerned Faculty Member(s). 
  • Concerned Faculty Member(s) will have one week to review the final examination component and respond in writing to the Registrar about the final outcome, who will then intimate the same to the concerned student(s).  
  • If the student is still not satisfied, an appeal for grade review can be made to the Registrar. 
  • Registrar shall report the case to Program Chair who in turn will place in the Academic Committee. An ad-hoc Faculty Grade Review Committee will be formed to look into such cases. A fee of AED210/- is applicable for Academic Committee Review. The appeal for grade review must be submitted within one week following the notification of the outcome of grade appeal to the student by the Registrar.  
  • The Faculty Grade Review Committee after reviewing the case, recommend the final grade to the Dean-Academics, who will take a decision and the decision will be intimated to the student by the Registrar.  
  • The decision of the Dean-Academics will be held as final and no further appeals can be lodged.