Frequently Asked Questions – Masters

General Questions

1. Why should I join IMT?

  1. International exchange opportunities
  2. Accredited by ACCA and CIMA
  3. Accredited by the ministry of higher education, UAE
  4. Double degree program

2. How can I make an appointment with an Admissions Counselor?

You can contact us on our board line number +97143638862 or send us an email on

3. How many courses does IMT Dubai offer?

IMT Dubai offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in business, including; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, MBA for fresh graduates and an Executive MBA for working professionals and Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

Eligibility criteria for admissions to our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program

1. I do not meet the entry requirements as listed on the IMT Dubai website, can I still apply?

IMT Dubai selects students with a high academic performance. However, we encourage all students to apply as at IMT we have a holistic approach and our appraisal is not solely based on academic performance, we consider other factors such as presentation and communication skills, extracurricular activities, languages among other factors.

2. My Bachelor degree is awaited. Can I still apply?

Yes, we strongly suggest that students apply even before getting their results, as this would enable us to put you through the admission cycle. The admissions team would shortlist applications based on the most recent results (taken in the past 2 years), including English Language proficiency and other achievements. Shortlisted students would then be required to undergo further evaluation.

3. Does IMT Dubai offer admission application fee waivers to international students?

There is no application fee chargeable.

4. Are there exchange programs with other colleges?

5. Does IMT Dubai provide services if I have a disability?

IMT Dubai implements reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities and offers students the opportunity to contribute and participate in the diverse campus experience. IMT Dubai is committed to ensuring equal access to curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students with disabilities. We share information, promote awareness of disability issues, and provide support of a decentralized system of access for students within the Institution.

Admission Procedure for our Undergraduate program

1. When does the application process for the academic year 2018-19 start?

The application process for the academic year 2018-2019 in open. Students may apply online.

2. Do I need to submit any certificates with the application form?

Yes, you would need to upload these along with the online application.

All applicants for admission are required to obtain equivalency of their Bachelor degree from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The attestation process is dependent upon whether you completed your bachelor degree in the UAE or in another country. For more details, click here. (Attestation of Documents)

3. I reside outside UAE. How do I apply?

All students should apply online. For shortlisted students, the evaluation process (interviews/group discussions) will be conducted in person or on Skype.

4. What is the application deadline?

The last date to apply is July 31, 2017

5. What are the factors considered for admission?

There is no one criterion for admission that IMT Dubai looks for. A student is evaluated overall, on several factors. These are English Language proficiency, good academic record, good communication skills and extracurricular activities.

IMT Dubai implements reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities and offers students the opportunity to contribute and participate in the diverse campus experience. IMT Dubai is committed to ensuring equal access to curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students with disabilities. We share information, promote awareness of disability issues, and provide support of a decentralized system of access for students within the Institution.

6. Will I have to go through an interview for admission?

Shortlisted students would be required to go through IMT Dubai evaluation process. The admissions team would notify the student of the same if selected for the evaluation process.

7. I have applied for a passport but it is not yet in hand. Can I still apply for the MBA program?

Yes, if the student doesn’t reside in UAE s/he would need to have a passport by July 1st, 2017, as by that time IMT Dubai would need students to apply for a visa

8. I am studying in Year 1 of an master degree, can I transfer to IMT Dubai?

Yes, IMT Dubai accepts transfer students into the MBA program. In order to assess your eligibility and for the admission criteria for credit transfer, please write to us on

English Proficiency

1. Does IMT Dubai require students to take an English Language Test?

Yes, it is mandatory for a student to have a minimum score of 550 on TOEFL, or 6 on IELTS or equivalent at the time of admission to our MBA program.

MBA Program

1. Why is IMT’s MBA program for duration of 2 years?

The MBA program at IMT Dubai provides a thorough understanding of management disciplines and first hand exposure to corporate and real life situations. It encourages students to apply these concepts in various business environments and helps them analyze and solve problems through critical and creative thinking. Throughout the program, the students will improve their leadership and teamwork skills. The program is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the IACBE (USA) and is designed for both fresh graduates and professionals. Over 95% of our graduates’ secure full-time placement within 3 months after graduating. MBA students get exemption from eleven courses and join CIMA through accelerated route.

2. Could I finish the MBA in less than 2 years?

The MBA subjects are sequenced to build skills, and are offered only once a year; as a result, it takes 2 years to complete the program.

3. Is "on-campus" housing compulsory or can I stay "off-campus" on my own?

It is mandatory for students on IMT Dubai visa to be on-campus housing unless they have an immediate family residing in UAE.

4. When does the program start?

For the September 2017 intake, the course will start in the first week of September. However, the students are expected to be on board from the 3rd week of August. Please refer the Academic Calendar for more details.

5. Does IMT Dubai have more than one intake per year?

IMT Dubai has only 1 intake per year, starting in September

6. What is the cost of the program and when are the payments due?

The tuition fee is AED 92,000. You are requested to please refer to the “Fees” section of the website.

7. Post submitting my application I noticed that I had forgotten to enter certain details. What should I do in this case? Should I re-apply?

If a student has forgotten to mention certain details in his/her application and wishes to inform IMT Dubai about the same, s/he is required to send an email to with all the details and information that need to be updated. Students will not be able to update their application as it is locked for editing.

8. How would you summarize the MBA program?

The MBA is the flagship program of the institute. In alignment with the IMT’s mission, it has been developed as a high quality competitive program in the region. It is flexible enough to meet the changing needs of today’s corporate world while maintaining high standards. Rigorous curriculum and highly qualified faculty resources are the mainstay of the program and its main objective is to impart high quality education with emphasis on enhancement of students’ potential, students learning, and engagement.

9. What are the key differentiating factors of the curriculum?

Along with core courses, there are specializations in international banking and finance, marketing and retail management, project and operations management and human resources management. Students get an industry interface twice during internships and company projects

10. How will the double-degree program benefit the student? (format, learning objectives and time-span)

IMT Dubai gives its MBA students the opportunity to complete their 2nd year (25 credits) one of its Double Degree partner universities. At the partner university, IMT students will join a one year specialized Master’s degree. By transferring the credits earned from the specialized master back to IMT, students also become eligible for an MBA degree from IMT Dubai thus benefiting by getting two degrees in two years.

11. How does the company project work? (format, learning objectives and time-span)?

The Company Project is an exceptional educational opportunity to conduct applied research and build on the knowledge acquired in the classroom. The duration of company projects is 3 months. This course is intended to encourage students to take up practical company/industry based challenges in management and business. The aim is to encourage the students to use their research skills and apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to complex real business issues while interacting and networking with the business community.

12. How does the internship work? (format, learning objectives and time-span)

The MBA program at IMT incorporates practical understanding of business operations and provides opportunities to students to learn real life business through internships. The In-Company internship at IMT is a key element of the learning process and an integral part of the program. The internship assignment is conducted on an individual basis and monitored and supervised by IMT Faculty members together with a designated company supervisor. The internship provides the students with the opportunity to work for a period of 8 weeks in a company/organization in Dubai or abroad and to apply the knowledge acquired during their studies into real business situations. The objectives of the internship are to understand the functions and processes of practical business operations, apply the theory into real business situations, apply the research and analysis capabilities to complex real business issues and interact and network with the business community.

13. In what currency is fees payable?

We accept fee in any currency. Fees are payable at IMT Dubai campus.

MBA Degree

1. Is IMT Dubai a university (or deemed university)?

IMT Dubai is accredited by organizations such as International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and European Association for International Education (EAIE).

2. What will be conferred at the end of completing the MBA program?

The degree is a Master of Business Administration awarded by IMT Dubai. The specialization is also mentioned. The Institute of Management and Technology is registered as higher education provider by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) and Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai Government. The UAE credential enhances the international acceptance of the degree, whether you wish to pursue more advanced studies or a global career.

Interactive Sessions

1. Does IMT Dubai hold any interactive sessions

Yes, IMT Dubai holds several interactive sessions for students, where they can interact with the program personnel for questions/doubts that they may have pertaining to the program. The session dates are published on the website.

2. Do I need to register for the interactive sessions? Is there any charge to attend a session?

Students are required to register for the interactive sessions by sending an email to or by registering on our website. There is no charge to attend the session. Students may bring their parents, friends, associates, for the interactive session, but would need to register them also. Registration for the sessions is preferable, however, not mandatory.

Visas and Scholarships

1. How long is the Visa Process?

Visas normally take 2-5 weeks to process once all the correct documentation has been supplied. Express visas take 1-3 weeks to process.

2. Do we need to make our own travel and visa arrangements or is it organized by the institute?

The School will process visas for Dubai, the charges for processing the visa are covered in the fees paid by the student. If there is a need for a student’s visa to be processed on urgent basis, the School would levy additional charges which will be shared with the student prior to the visa processing.

3. Does IMT Dubai provide student scholarships and if so what are the criteria?

IMT Dubai provides merit and need based scholarships to few carefully selected students.  A student would need to have obtained a good academic record or be a rank holder and have exceptional extracurricular achievements to have access to a scholarship.

Life at Campus

1. What kind of on-campus student housing does IMT Dubai provide? Do we get our own rooms? Do boys and girls live in separate housing?

Yes, accommodation is provided on campus. The student may opt for rooms under single occupancy or sharing. We have separate accommodations for girls and boys. More details can be reviewed here (link).

2. What about food? Does IMT Dubai provide on-campus meals? Is vegetarian food available?

The IMT Dubai Cafeteria provides Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Dinner and the charges are included in the hospitality fees.

3. What is the weather like year round in the country?

Dubai is dry and extremely warm in the summer and cold during winters and it may rain sometimes.

4. What extracurricular opportunities are available?

At IMT, student have access to various sports and recreational facilities on-campus. For more details, click here. (Sports & Recreational Facilities)

Placements and Internships

1. Does IMT Dubai offer career assistance to students?

IMT Dubai has a placement team that helps students seeking career opportunities.

2. What about work permits for working in Dubai after graduation?

Work visas are organized by the company which offers a job.

3. I shall be graduating from Dubai campus does this mean that I will be placed in Dubai only?

A student can be placed in any of the regional neighbors based on a student’s preference, and the job location best suited to the student’s needs and profile.

4. Are students allowed to do part time jobs?

Yes, students can work for 4 hours a day.