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Dr. Ravi Chatterjee

Assistant Professor

Ph.D/Marketing – Barkatullah University


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Dr. Ravi Chatterjee is a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of industry and academic work experience. Presently he is spearheading as an Assistant Professor in Marketing with IMT Business School, Dubai. He is abreast with knowledge in the fields of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, HRM and Career counselling. He is a passionate teacher and a great motivator. He holds a doctorate in Marketing and has done his MBA from Army Institute of Management Kolkata. Dr. Ravi is the Director of the International Research Symposium in Service Management (IRSSM) and the Co-chair of the IRSSM India Chapter. He also has won various prestigious international awards sponsored by the Journal of Service Management and Emerald Literati Network. He has multiple research publications in top-level journals like Australasian Marketing Journal, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, International Journal of Emerging Markets and others.

Research & Publications
  1. Mishra, S., Moharana, T.R., & Chatterjee, R. (2023). Feelings that Guide Pro-Environmental Consumption Decisions: Exploring the Role of Self-Conscious Emotions Between Consumer Minimalism and Rental Behavior. Marketing Intelligence & Planning. 2021: 1; IF: 4.4; ABDC-A)
  2. Mishra, S., Shukla, Y., Chatterjee, R., & Arora, V. (2023). Consumer Minimalism for Sustainability: Exploring the Determinants of Rental Consumption Intention. Journal of Consumer Behaviour. (AJG 2021: 2; IF: 3.28; ABDC-A)
  3. Banerji, D., Ramasundaram, A., Shukla, S., & R. (2023). How do we measure the intangible? Overcoming the measurement challenges in services. International Journal of Consumer Studies. (AJG 2021: 2; IF: 7.1; ABDC-A)
  4. Shukla, Y., Singh, R., Dwivedi, P., & Chatterjee, R. (2023). Wellbeing Implications of BoP Marketing: A Service Ecosystem Approach. Journal of Services Marketing. (AJG 2021: 2; IF: 5.8; ABDC-A)
  5. Mahendru, M., Arora, V., Chatterjee, R., Sharma, G. D., & Shahzad, U. (2023). From over tourism to under tourism via COVID-19: Lessons for Sustainable Tourism Management. Evaluation Review. (IF: 2.1; ABDC-A)
  6. Banerjee, J., Moorthy, V., Kiran, P., Kishore KSV., Ekiz, E., & Chatterjee, R. (2023). Visual encoding of nudge influencers and exploring their effect on sustainable consumption among children. Cleaner and Responsible Consumption, 9, 100111. (IF: 2.8)
  7. Mishra, S., Malhotra, G., Chatterjee R., & Waheed, A. K. (2023). Ecological Consciousness and Sustainable Purchase Behavior: The Mediating Role of Psychological Ownership. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 35 (2), 414-431; IF: 4.6; ABDC-A)
  8. Mishra, S., Saxena, G., & Chatterjee R. (2023). Battle between Psychological Ownership and Consumer Animosity to influence Consumers’ Buying behaviour: A moderated mediation model. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics. (AJG 2021: 1; IF: 4.6; ABDC-A)
  9. Mishra, S., Malhotra, G., Chatterjee R., & Shukla, Y. (2022). Millennials’ Self-Identity and Intention to Purchase Sustainable Products. Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ), 18393349221075026.  (AJG 2021: 1; IF: 6.6; ABDC-A)
  10. Malhotra, G., Mishra, S., Shukla, Y., & Chatterjee, R. (2022). Do Nostalgic Intensity and Psychological Ownership Trigger Tourists’ Behaviour in Crisis?. Tourism Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 27 (4), 479-494 (AJG 2021: 2; IF: 1.7; ABDC-A)
  11. Sarma, B., Shampy, K., & Chatterjee, R. (2022). Linking the intrinsic and environmental constraints with PwD tourists’ behavioral intentions toward a travel destination: Mediating role of learned helplessness. Journal of Tourism Futures, 1-15. (IF: 5.53; ABDC-C)
  12. Malhotra, G., Mishra, S., Chatterjee R., & Shukla, Y. (2021). Consumer Retention Through Phygital Experience in Omnichannel Retailing: Role of Consumer Empowerment and Satisfaction. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 1-18. (AJG 2021: 2; IF: 4.2; ABDC-A)
  13. Mishra, S., Malhotra, G., Chatterjee, R., & Shukla, Y. (2021). Impact of Self-expressiveness and Environmental Commitment on Sustainable Consumption Behavior: The Moderating Role of Fashion Consciousness. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 1-23. (AJG 2021: 2; IF: 4.2; ABDC-A)
  14. Sarmah, B., Shukla, Y., Chatterjee, R., & Kamboj, S. (2021). Customer participation in service innovation using SNS smartphone apps: an investigation of the Indian hotel service industry. International Journal of Emerging Markets, 18(9), 2971-2992.(AJG 2021: 1; IF: 2.7; ABDC-B)
  15. Patel, V., Das, K., Chatterjee, R., & Shukla, Y. (2020). Does the interface quality of mobile shopping apps affect purchase intention? An empirical study. Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ), 28(4), 300-309. (AJG 2021: 1; IF: 6.6; ABDC-A)
Teaching / Research Interest
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Sustainable consumption behaviour
  • Minimalism
  • Service Innovation
  • Digital Marketing
Conferences / Seminars
  • Singh, V., Ganguli, M., Singh, P., Chatterjee, R., Chethan, K., (2023). Building a Sustainable Self: The Interplay of Psychological Ownership, eWOM, and Sustainable Brand Image in Shaping Green Purchases. Paper presented at IRSSM India 2023 symposium.
  • Chatterjee, R., George, S. & Singh, J., (2022). Oh, my dear, you sound like a human! Assessing AI vs Human agents in building customer loyalty. Paper presented at IRSSM India 2022 symposium.
  • Chatterjee, R., Ahmed, A., Gollapudi, N., & Shukla, Y. (2022). Sustainable brand image to sustainable brand equity: Role of Expressiveness opportunity and pro-sustainable behaviour. Paper presented at IRSSM India 2022 symposium.
  • Chatterjee, R., Arora, V., Mishra, S., Nayar, A., & Mitra, A. (2022). Examining the role of a Country's Green Image on the Intention to purchase sustainable products. Paper presented at IRSSM MEA 2022 symposium.
  • Saxena, G., Chatterjee, R., & Thirugnanasambantham, K. (2021). Brand Verdict in Non-Profit Social Service Organizations: The Effects of Brand Evidence, Brand Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention. Paper presented at IRSSM India 2021 symposium.
  • Kamboj, S., Chatterjee, R., Gadhavi, D., & Arora, V. (2020). Service innovation and value creation in a virtual community: Role of self-construal and customer engagement. Paper presented at the International Research Symposium in Service Management, India Chapter.
  • Shukla, Y., Chatterjee, R., & Banerji, D. (2019). Using a Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE) to Overcome Response Bias. Paper presented at the 10th International Research Symposium in Service Management, IRSSM-10 2019, at Murdoch University, Dubai.
  • Shukla, Y., Chatterjee, R., & Bhat, M. (2018). Guests are welcome: Studying travellers’ happiness feelings from homestays. Paper presented at the 9th International Research Symposium in Service Management, IRSSM-9 2018, at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Chatterjee, R., & Shukla, Y. (2017). Social Transformation of Bottom of Pyramid Community in Service Ecosystem. Paper presented at the 8th International Research Symposium in Service Management, IRSSM-8 2017, at School of Business, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Chatterjee, R., & Shukla, Y. (2016). Examining the role of culture and emotions in determining festival shopping engagement and retail services preferences: An emerging market perspective. Paper presented at the 7th International Research Symposium in Service Management, IRSSM-7 2016, at Mahidol University International College, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.
Other Responsibility
  • Chairman Marketing Area
  • Member research committee
  • Member Library Committee