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Dr. Mansour Allan

Assistant Professor

Ph.D./General Studies – Yarmouk University



Education for life as a light for the darkness. Everyone likes to be educated but the most important thing is the ability to communicate with students because sometimes it is more important than knowledge of the subject matter. I think that the foundational knowledge is essential for the academic progress of any student so we should go step by step to reach our objectives in the subjects we learned. We should use different competencies and skills to motivate the students to make some projects and assignments to activate the way they view things in the long run. Last but not least, I believe that the instructor should work hard in performing his mission and should be the role model for his students.

Teaching / Research Interest
  • Islamic Studies, UAE Studies and Arabic language skills.
Conferences / Seminars
  1. Scientific Research and National Development 2011 – Dubai
  2. HCT Spring Conference 2015 /2016
  3. HCT Fall   Conference 2016 /2017
  4. HCT Spring Conference 2016 /2017
Other Activities
  1. I was the coordinator of my subject in HCT Dubai.
  2. I taught my colleagues (Academic staff) Arabic language – Greetings and basic language in HCT Dubai 2016 and the same in RAKMHSU in 2008.
  3. I was a comity member in preparing Arabic course for native and non-native speakers in HCT Dubai 2015-2017.
  4. I prepared all courses of Humanities (Islamic Studies, UAE Studies, and Arabic language skills) in AGU Dubai 2009-2015.
  5. I participated in (Training Workshop) In the power of innovation and foresight of future Dubai 2017.
  6. I was a comity member in preparing and leading the UAE National Day ceremony in AGU Dubai 2009-2015.