Dr. Gita Bajaj

Dr. Gita Bajaj
Professor of HR & Communication
Chairperson PGDM, DCP

Ph.D/HR and OB – Aligarh Muslim University
Email: gita@imt.ac.ae
Ext: 125

Dr. Bajaj is a passionate teacher, researcher, writer and trainer. She was trained for Experiential and Case Method of learning at the Harvard Business School and has extensive international teaching experience. She is also an adjunct faculty at the ie School of Human Sciences and Technology, Madrid, Spain. Dr. Bajaj was bestowed the National Award for Best Case Writer 2010 (India) by the ISB- Richard IVEY Canada and Best Case Researcher Award (2017) by the Aleem Business Congress. She has published several research papers and field based teaching Cases. She is currently pursuing research in areas of Leadership & Sustainable Development, Group Dynamics and Teaching & Learning. She writes for Khaleej Times, UAE and is on the Board of AIMA. She has trained thousands of working executives over the last 13 years. Her clients include Schneider-Electric, Cairn Energy, Eli Lilly, SPI, Acconex, to name a few. A PhD in HR (AMU) and BE (Thapar), she pursues research in areas of Organization Learning & Development, and Communication.

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  • Teaching: Managerial Communication, Organizational Behaviour, Cross Cultural Management, Influencing and Negotiation, Professional Skills for Global Managers
  • Research: Teaching & Learning, Group Dynamics, Leadership  & Sustainable Development, Crisis Communication, Organizational Turnaround, Entrepreneurship
  • Researchgate profile: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Gita_Bajaj/research
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  1. Chairperson PGDM-DCP – A dual country program offered jointly by IMT Ghaziabad and IMT Dubai.
  2. Over the last 12 years have conducted training for more than a 1000 professionals from across the world for levels up to the senior management. Most recently for 90 professionals of the ICAI Dubai Chapter. In the middle-east have conducted programs in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia for Companies in Australia, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and India. Was Chairperson Executive Education at IMT Dubai. (2015-16)
  3. Led the MBA Curriculum Review initiative at IMT Dubai (2015-16)
  4. Chairperson PGPM (MBA Program) and Chairperson MDI-International Summer University, at MDI Gurgaon, India (2013-14)
  5. Chairperson PGP-IM (MBA in International Management) and Chairperson Special Initiatives and International Relations (2012-13)
  6. Led the setting up of International Summer University at MDI Gurgaon (2012-13