Other Custom Executive Programs

Other Custom Executive Programs

Business Communication & Soft Skills

1. Dialogue and Debate in the Modern Organisation
2. Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
3. Minding: Seeing and Speaking What Matters Most
4. Cross Cultural Communication
5. Interpersonal Communication for Potential Leaders
6. Effective Business Writing
7. Global Business Etiquette
8. Delivering Persuasive Presentations
9. Personality Development Workshop

Organizational Behaviour Training

1. Harvesting Diversity
2. Chaos to Capability: Converting Conflict and
Confusion to Enduring and Positive Change
3. Art of Influencing & Negotiations
4. Time Management
5. Stress Management
6. Soft Skills Workshop
7. Building High Performance Teams
8. Leadership Development Program/ Leadership for
the 21st Century.
9. Leading High-Performance Teams.
10. C+: Using Constructive Conflict for Creativity and
11. Get Over Yourself! Applying the Principles of
Transformation and Transcendence
12. Winds of Change: Understanding and Enhancing
Organisational Culture and Climate

Strategy, Entre, CSR & Su

1. Managing Sustainable Enterprise
2. Sustainable Development & Competitive Advantage
3. Reinventing Strategy
4. Organization Development & Change
5. Sustainable Development and Innovation


1. Managing Global Supply Chains
2. Inventory Management and Warehousing
3. Supply Chain Analytics
4. Demand Planning and Forecasting
5. Strategic Sourcing
6. Six-Sigma Green Belt Certification
7. Project Management

Cross Function

1. Introduction to digital pedagogies
2. Open Educational Resources: Getting started with
digital curriculum development
3. Student-centred learning using Microsoft Teams


1. Introduction to digital pedagogies


1. Creating a Customer Centric Culture
2. Relationship Selling
3. Services Marketing

Accounting & Finance

1. Risk Management in Basel III Scenario
2. Credit analysis for SME Lending
3. IFRS 9 Impairment Analysis and Provisioning Norms
4. Asset Liability Management and Macro-hedging
5. Project financing
6. Risk Management of Retail Portfolio
7. Global diversification of investment portfolio
8. Risk Management of Real Estate Lending  – Life Cycle Approach
9. Financial Skills for Executives
10. Cost Management through implementing
Activity Based Costing (ABC)
11. Financial Instruments
12. Finance for non-Finance Managers

Human Resource Management

1. Recruiting and Retaining Global Talent
2. Interviewing Skills for HR & Line Managers
3. Conducting Induction Programs
4. Psychometric Profiling for Career Planning & Progress
5. Scientific Approach to Training Need Analysis
6. Managing Compensation & Benefits
7. Managing Extraordinary Performance
8. Managing Rewards and Recognition
9. Employee Engagement & Internal Communication
10. Succession Planning
11. Managing Exit interviews