Double Degree Exchange Program

DDEP is an opportunity that IMT Dubai offers to a select number of its students both at undergraduate and graduate level. This is an exciting opportunity for the students to earn two degrees, one from IMT and the other from an International Partner University in US or Europe.

At graduate level (MBA), the selected students are offered an opportunity to complete their second year at a specific international partner university. The partner university, after the successful completion of one year, will award a specialized Master’s degree to any such student. In addition to that, such student by way of recognition of the credits earned at international partner university will also become eligible for an MBA degree from IMT Dubai. This way, a student benefits by earning two master level degrees within two years.

At the undergraduate level, the double degree program offers students an opportunity to study for three years at IMT Dubai and then go to an international partner university for completing the fourth year at that partner university. The students under this program will also have an opportunity earn a Master Degree from that international partner university after completing some extra credits. The students can approach the International Relations Department of IMT for details and eligibility criteria.