About the Committee

The community engagement committee (CEC) at IMTD is a centralized body formed to channel the institute's effort toward community service. In line with the core philosophies of IMTD, internal stakeholders are actively involved with all community engagement activities undertaken by the institute. In addition, external members from the industry and academia are also invited from time to time for suggestions and participation on a need basis. Based on the suggestions received during these meetings, an action plan is designed and circulated to the members and associated stakeholders. CEC is responsible for developing the strategic road map guiding all community engagement activities of the institute. Further, CEC, in coordination with OCS and other designated committees in the institute, works together in a time-bound manner that reflects effectiveness and measurable outcomes for further analysis and improvement. 

Objectives of the CEC:

  1. Participate in activities to build a working knowledge of the University, including awareness of the university' constraints and opportunities
  2. Share information about the committee's process and outcomes with all relevant stakeholders and solicit input from them to be made part of the recommendations.
  3. Provide recommendations for new or expanded initiatives, enhancements, and/or reallocations. This includes cost estimates, expected outcomes, success metrics, and applicable metrics.

List of events planned for community engagement program for the academic Year 2023-24

  • 7th April 2023- Event Name- UN World Health Day (Wellness program)
  • 5th June 2023- Event Name- World Environment Day (Clean Up Drive)
  • 14th July 2023- Event Name- World Blood Donor Day (Blood donation camp)
  • 18th August 2023- Event Name- Alumni Meet
  • 29th September 2023- Event Name- International Day of awareness of food loss and waste.
  • 10th October 2023- Event Name- World Mental Health Day
  • January 2024 (tentative)- Intercollege Sporting Event
  • 8th March 2024- International Women's Day- (Panel discussion / Seminar)