Speaker Series

IMT Dubai students hosted Ms. Sonali Raha, Group Operations Manager at just BTL Marketing Research and Consultancies

IMT Dubai hosted Ms. Sonali Raha, Group Operations Manager at Just BTL Research and Consultancies. Ms. Raha conducted a lecture-cum-workshop which aimed at preparing students for the opportunities and challenges at the corporate workplace.

She delivered a step-by-step guide starting from Pre CV phase all the way to Day 1 of the job and explained all the minute nuances that companies take into consideration while evaluating the candidates. She presented a checklist for the preparation for audio, video and one-on-one interview which was very informative. Ms. Raha explained all the Do’s and Don’ts while preparing CV and corporate etiquettes through numerous examples. To give an example of what recruiters see in a CV, she analyzed one of the student’s CV and gave important tips while quickly answering all the queries of students.

IMT Dubai is thankful to Ms. Sonali Raha and we would like to host her again in the future for more workshops.

IMT Dubai officially kicked-off the first season of "IMTea Talks"

IMT Dubai officially kicked-off the first season of “IMTea Talks” on August 8th by hosting our esteemed guest Mr. Abhik Gupta, Managing Director- Nielsen, West Africa, and Maghreb Cluster. Mr. Gupta had an interactive session with the DCP students about Marketing in Emerging Markets and gave insights from market research studies as well as his rich personal experience in the industry.

Matteo Boffa addressed IMT Dubai students

Thank you, Matteo Boffa for inspiring IMT Dubai students yesterday!

At 27, Matteo is the Swiss national of a team of four (his co-founders come from Croatia, Serbia and India) who created their start-up in Dubai in 2017. In less than one year, they have been able to raise $100,000, valuing their company at $1 million. More to come soon; they launch their app in May 2018 for Android and iOS smartphone