IMT Dubai students have won the best presentation award at 2nd ICBEES 2018

IMT Dubai students Javin Jain and Eshneet Kaur have won the best presentation award at 2nd International Conference on Business, Education, Engineering and Sciences (ICBEES 2018). They are writing a research paper with Dr. Rommel Sergio, on Subjective Well-Being in the United Arab Emirates: Perspectives and Programs on Happiness and Positivity. They presented an abstract for the paper that they are working on at the conference. The conference was organized by The International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors and Reviewers (IASPER) at Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. Academicians, research scholars and industry experts across the world attended the conference which intended to promote academic integrity in research and publication, disseminate research results for greater utilization, and foster collaboration among researchers. #ICBEES #IMTDubai #IaMTomorrow

IMT Dubai is delighted to welcome Mr. Prakash Pathak, head of Corporate Relations and Placement for IMT Dubai and Hyderabad.

IMT Dubai is delighted to welcome Mr. Prakash Pathak, head of Corporate Relations and Placement for IMT Dubai and Hyderabad. He held an Open House session where he enlightened the students about career opportunities in the Middle East as well as in India and also addressed all the student queries.

Mr. Pathak has been a part of the IMT family since 2009 and has been the Head of Corporate Relations for IMT Ghaziabad, Hyderabad and now Dubai as well.

IMT Dubai students hosted Ms. Sonali Raha, Group Operations Manager at just BTL Marketing Research and Consultancies

IMT Dubai hosted Ms. Sonali Raha, Group Operations Manager at Just BTL Research and Consultancies. Ms. Raha conducted a lecture-cum-workshop which aimed at preparing students for the opportunities and challenges at the corporate workplace.

She delivered a step-by-step guide starting from Pre CV phase all the way to Day 1 of the job and explained all the minute nuances that companies take into consideration while evaluating the candidates. She presented a checklist for the preparation for audio, video and one-on-one interview which was very informative. Ms. Raha explained all the Do’s and Don’ts while preparing CV and corporate etiquettes through numerous examples. To give an example of what recruiters see in a CV, she analyzed one of the student’s CV and gave important tips while quickly answering all the queries of students.

IMT Dubai is thankful to Ms. Sonali Raha and we would like to host her again in the future for more workshops.

Our MBA Student Vivek Ramadas shares his Exchange Semester Experience in Neoma Business School in France

As an MBA student, I am always fascinated by how interconnected our world is and how businesses play a major role in bringing humanity together. During my MBA programme at the Institute of Management Technology, Dubai, I was elated to get the opportunity to spend the final fall semester at Neoma Business School in France.

Neoma is a triple-accredited business school formed in 2013 by the merger of Rouen Business School and Reims Management School in the cities of Rouen and Reims respectively, with a campus in Paris as well. The Reims campus — where I studied — is nestled between lush green parks and rivulets, and walking to college every morning was a delight.

Student life

Neoma’s international office had organised an orientation week with presentations and outdoor team activities that had us explore Reims city centre. This helped us meet and bond candidly with both local and international students from diverse nationalities. There were also many Indian students on exchange programmes from top B-schools in India. Together, we bid goodbye to homesickness and even organised a fun Diwali party at an Indian restaurant.

The courses focussed on marketing and strategy; it was particularly enriching to have viewpoints on global business from a culturally diverse peer group. The courses were offered in English by faculty that comprised professionals from around the world, with rich experience and proven ability in their fields. They made classes enticing through meaningful discussions and debates on real- life cases built on theoretical concepts. It was essential to prepare well before each class started. In the brand management and marketing communications courses, our group work was a real-time consulting project to build a brand and communication strategy for a local entrepreneurial venture. In the end, we presented our results to the owner.

The icing on the cake was the opportunity to travel and spend five months in the scenic splendour of Europe. I backpacked across 10 countries, learning about cultures and traditions. Reims is home to the iconic Notre-Dame cathedral. The city is a part of the Champagne-Ardenne region, where champagne originates, and is surrounded by vineyards and a complex underground maze of chalk cellars, caves, and tunnels. Its central location — just 40 minutes from Paris — coupled with Europe’s excellent public transportation system meant that almost every weekend was spent travelling. Besides marvelling at the majestic Eiffel Tower and cruising through Germany, I spent a fairytale Christmas in a cottage surrounded by the Julian Alps in Slovenia — the experience of a lifetime.

Source: The Hindu