IMT Dubai was enthralled to welcome Fincasa Capital on its campus.

IMT Dubai was enthralled to welcome Fincasa Capital on its campus. The company provides tailor-made services for businesses that wish to relocate to other countries by way of making investments worldwide. The company operates in the investment migration industry, as mentioned by the CEO, Varis Sayed. He briefly explained about this emerging industry and how it engages an excellent talent pool. Starting small himself, he emphasized on the fact that it’s the path that matters and not how or where we actually begin. He urged everyone to aim for value addition and invest time to develop skills and knowledge.

IMT Dubai would like to thank the Fincasa team for taking out time and enlightening us about the company’s workings and environment. The students surely added value in their lives through this session.

IMT had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Balaji Vaidyanathan, Marketing Director, Franklin Templeton

On 7th November, we hosted Mr. Balaji Vaidyanathan, Marketing Director, Franklin Templeton. He spoke about “Money and Millennials “. In today’s day and age where savings are the last thing on millennial’s mind, Mr. Vaidyanathan shed light on why we should not let savings be in the hindsight.

He shared that not only investments have the ability of support our long-term plans but also suffice our short-term needs. It is the chase of short-term gratification that one should not pursue, keeping in mind a bigger picture and investing systematically one can better prepare for exigencies, rising standards of living and an early retirement, he said.
Mr. Vaidyanathan also touched upon the variance among investors across different countries in terms of financial education. He shared the importance of capitalising on the three Ts – Time, Technology and Taking risks.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Balaji Vaidyanathan for taking the time to address us.

IMT had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Makram Hani

Mr. Makram Hani introduced everyone to various facets of Real Estate marketing and how it is different from marketing FMCG goods.

He spoke about recent trends such as Tiktok that are becoming a rage and overpassing Facebook and Instagram in terms of attractiveness to marketers.

Mr. Hani stressed upon the need of developing a habit of reading, to keep abreast with the marketing trends. He also talked about AI and technology and how they remain to be the game changers in their true sense.
Mr. Hani inspired every student to not only limit to the broad perspective but also to focus on minute details.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Makram Hani, for taking out the time and enlighten us at IMT Dubai.

Convocation 2019

IMT had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Athbi Alenezi, Co-founder and MD of JustClean

IMT Dubai had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Athbi Alenezi, Co-founder and MD of JustClean. He spoke about the inspiration behind JustClean and shared about his journey with students. The idea behind JustClean was to simplify the laundry process. He shared key insights and experiences that he has had as an entrepreneur in the early days of his startup. Mr. Athbi highlighted the importance of effective planning, execution, professionalism and integrity while dealing with customer complaints.

IMT hosted Dr. Amit Singh, Head of Corporate HR, Aster DM Healthcare
Dr. Amit Singh took the stage to enlighten students about Career Management. He started the session by pointing out the fact that many of us forget “Life and Career are two different things”. Dr. Singh emphasized; That having a clear plan is secondary to having a clear sense of direction of one’s career because plans can fail.

Dr. Singh also shared that “Skills get you through the door, capabilities get you a seat on the table.” He talked about the importance of classroom teaching in helping students develop skill and the importance of the B-school experience for acquiring capabilities. He also shared how taking feedback is pivotal.

Dr. Singh concluded with highlighting the fact that life is to be measured in happiness, choice, and successful pursuit of a purpose and finally maintaining integrity.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Amit Singh for an enlightening session.

Onam celebrations at IMT campus
“Onam is not about a particular community, state or people, it is about getting together to celebrate the oneness in all.”

These words from one of our students echoed through the hearts of everyone last Thursday, when we celebrated Onam in IMT Dubai. Just like the harvest that Onam marks, the seeds of togetherness were also planted. The entire student body come together to celebrate the festival making it a day filled with cultural appreciation and fun games.

Hearty congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to the Social and Cultural Committee and the Sports Committee for organising such an outstanding event.

IMT hosted Ms. Victoria Zagorsky,Founder Insight Middle East and Africa
IMT Dubai had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Victoria Zagorsky, Founder, Insight Middle East and Africa.
She spoke about the 4th Industrial Revolution Era the world currently faces and the skills we need to reap benefits from it. Ms. Zagorsky emphasized on how important it is for businesses to generate insights into Human Behaviour and how the 4th generation Industrial Revolution technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can achieve these goals.
The session came to a close as Ms. Zagorsky shared with the students how “Data is the new oil” that will fuel our industries and why is it important to efficiently manage it.
We extend our sincere gratitude to Ms. Victoria Zagorsky for taking the time to enlighten us.