Career Fair 2022

The OCS team hosted another edition of the highly successful Career Fair, featuring industry-specific networking opportunities and the chance to interview with some of the most established multi-national corporations across Dubai.

This is a fantastic opportunity was to sharpen up your interview skills, brush off your best elevator pitch and broaden that networking circle before you graduate. This initiative is in line with our commitment to ensuring 100% employability for our students when graduating from IMT Business School.

These were the brands that partnered and participated in our Career Fair 2022

Sl No Company Name
1 Aster
2 Himalaya
3 Sprout Media
4 L’Oreal
5 Fasiculus
6 NIMAI Management Consultancy
7 Oriental Insurance
8 Deriv
9 Zee Entertainment
11 Aquarius Worldwide
12 Fincasa

Volleyball Competition (28th Feb 2022)

On February 28th, the Sports Committee at IMT Dubai organised the first sports event of the year, the Volleyball Tournament. This tournament covered six matches between two teams from the Dual Country Program, one team of Bachelors of Business Administration students, and a team comprising of Faculty and Staff of IMT Dubai. During the tournament, the players showcased healthy competitive spirits and put up multiple thrilling matches for the audience, who gave constant support to the players and made the event a colourful and lively affair.

Following are the fixtures and their winners respectively:

DCP 1 v BBA – DCP 1

DCP 2 v Faculty – DCP 2

DCP 1 v Faculty – DCP 1

DCP 2 v BBA – DCP 2

BBA v Faculty – Faculty

DCP 1 v DCP 2 – DCP 2

Vaudeville 2020

Day 1 of Vaudeville held true to its legacy yet again.

The day’s events were all about sports with a pinch of trivia. With action-packed football fixtures, smash filled ping pong and volleyball matches that gripped spectators in suspense.

To start with, the IMT ping pong team dawned the crown of champions in the doubles event.
The six-a-side football cup had 2 squads repping team IMT, both held a great display of rigor and sportsmanship.
IMT’s volleyball team faced tough competition on their way to the finals, none the less they aced through the semis and secured a place in the finals.
Lastly, the I&E committee held the qualifiers for In-Quiz-It, the annual business quiz.

Stay tuned to find out what Day 2 beholds!

IMT partnered with DHA and DIAC to conduct the Blood Donation camp

On 22nd January, 2020 Sustainability Development Committee (SDC) organized blood donation camp for the 1st time at the IMT Dubai Campus in coordination with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Dubai International Academic City (DIAC). The Blood Donation Camp started well on time at 10AM in the Lounge. SDC team helped in making all the arrangements with the DHA also, there were 2-3 members always present at the venue to help the volunteer with the process. Students, Faculty and staff all came for blood donation in good spirit. A survey from DHA regarding health condition, medication or any disease was filled by every volunteer before proceeding with the health check-up process. After thorough check-up only volunteers were allowed to donate blood.
Nearly 60 donors participated for the noble cause. A survey was also taken with the donors by DHA about their satisfaction level in which most of the donors were highly satisfied the Process and whole experience. All the donors were provided with the manual instructing the precautions to be taken for few hours after Donation. Refreshment was also provided to every donor after the donation.
A few donors were also denied from donating blood by the Doctors because they visited India within 1 month and according to doctors India is a “Malaria” endemic country and the virus of malaria stays in the body for almost a month and it can’t be traced while testing the blood samples so, some volunteers were denied from donating. But we got a decent number of donors and DHA authorities were also satisfied with the number, when asked about their experience at IMT and they were ready to conduct Blood Donation Camp again in future. Overall the event was very successful.
Special Thanks to Mr. Nirmish, IMT Staff and whole SDC team members for their coordination in making the event successful.

IMT had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Khalid Musilhy, Director- SAP Globalisation Services

IMT Dubai was elated to host Mr. Khalid Musilhy, Director- SAP Globalisation Services. He explained why companies need to expand overseas to match with the global competition. Mr. Khalid also highlighted the importance of localisation especially in the Arabic region, where the reading method of right to left has a huge impact on business.
We are thankful to Mr. Khalid for enlightening the students with various gimmicks of marketing that are followed by a technology based company.

IMT had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Yogesh Khairajani

IMT Dubai was delighted to host Mr. Yogesh Khairajani and his team from Century Financial at its campus. The students got a hands-on experience of trading through the demo trading accounts given by them.

Mr. Khairajani highlighted the fact that traders are not always rational, their psychology also comes to play. He went on to briefly explain the concept of behavioral finance which comes as a topic of great importance in the current scenario. Mr. Khairajani also shared some dos and don’ts to keep in mind while trading. Last but not the least, he emphasized on the importance of reading and staying aware of the current surroundings.
We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Yogesh Khairajani and Century Financial for enlightening us with the psychology of trading.