Onam celebrations at IMT campus
“Onam is not about a particular community, state or people, it is about getting together to celebrate the oneness in all.”

These words from one of our students echoed through the hearts of everyone last Thursday, when we celebrated Onam in IMT Dubai. Just like the harvest that Onam marks, the seeds of togetherness were also planted. The entire student body come together to celebrate the festival making it a day filled with cultural appreciation and fun games.

Hearty congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to the Social and Cultural Committee and the Sports Committee for organising such an outstanding event.

IMT hosted Ms. Victoria Zagorsky,Founder Insight Middle East and Africa
IMT Dubai had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Victoria Zagorsky, Founder, Insight Middle East and Africa.
She spoke about the 4th Industrial Revolution Era the world currently faces and the skills we need to reap benefits from it. Ms. Zagorsky emphasized on how important it is for businesses to generate insights into Human Behaviour and how the 4th generation Industrial Revolution technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can achieve these goals.
The session came to a close as Ms. Zagorsky shared with the students how “Data is the new oil” that will fuel our industries and why is it important to efficiently manage it.
We extend our sincere gratitude to Ms. Victoria Zagorsky for taking the time to enlighten us.

IMT hosted Mr. Rohit Manucha, head of Human Resource, Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company.

On 4th September, IMT Dubai hosted Mr. Rohit Manucha, head of Human Resource, Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company. He shared his valuable insights on the importance of AI and design thinking and its potential to re-define the business processes of today. He interacted with IMT students about the scope of HR in current and future scenarios while illustrating examples of how he has been instrumental in changing the best practices in his organization.

Mr. Lijo Ittoop, Digital Marketing Guru has addressed DCP Students

The DCP Students were privileged to attend a very knowledgeable and interactive session by Mr. Lijo Ittoop, who is a Digital Marketing Guru and Founder of Prodigi Connect.

He enlightened the students with the concepts of digital marketing as well as entrepreneurship.
The session helped students in understanding various nuances of digital marketing as well as do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurship which will surely be helpful for them.