IMT had the pleasure of hosting Deepak George from Tally Solutions

IMT Dubai was enthralled to welcome Tally Solutions at its campus. Mr. Deepak George shared with students the journey of Tally Solutions from an era when laptops did not exist to the present day when it’s unfathomable to pitch anything without using a laptop. He talked about how they were able to build trust in the hearts of their 2 million customers across the world by providing innovative solutions by making it simple and flexible to use. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Deepak George and Tally Solutions for enlightening us about the company.

IMT Dubai students participated in 12th Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit

Dubai is home to the world’s most productive ports and plays a key role in facilitating an expressway of trade between the western and eastern nations, consequently, there are plenty of opportunities for students to learn about operations and supply chain management outside the classroom. Our students received one such opportunity – The 12th Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit; in which, our professor, Dr. Santanu Roy was the track chair and spoke about “Supplier Happiness”. Our students attended sessions varying from “Sustainable Sourcing” to “AI in Supply Chain”.

IMT Dubai was delighted to welcome Mr. Marc Kassis, Director and Mr. Praveen Joseph, Cyber Security Trainer

In the age of rapid technological and social growth, we all should ask a question to ourselves “Are we Cyber Secured?”. On 27th November 2019 IMT had the honor of hosting Mr. Marc Kassis, Director, Ingram Cyber Security, and Mr. Praveen Joseph, Cyber Security Trainer, Ingram Micro Cyber Security. Mr. Kassis started his discussion with a brief introduction about his company Ingram Cybersecurity which is one of the world’s largest IT Distributors and Fortune 500 companies. He explained us why Cyber Security is the need of the hour in today’s world. He also told that their company while focusing on the traditional approach has supplemented it with SEIM ( Security Event Incident Management) to improve upon incident response. The discussion followed by Mr. Vackayil taking the charge and informing students about various certifications that are required to excel in the world of cybersecurity. He talked about the holistic cybersecurity approach having three components: People, Process and Technology. We would like extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Kassis and Mr. Vackayil for carving out their valuable time and guiding us about such a vital topic.

IMT had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Matteo Boffa, Head of the Environmental Group

“Don’t spend to destroy, invest to create.”
Mr. Matteo Boffa, General Manager, Etuix took the stage to show how he has implemented what many have only conceptualized.
An environmentalist at heart and an entrepreneur by trade, Mr. Boffa founded multiple brands; Etuix, Thealy. He is also working with DGrade, they all aim at making daily products from recycled plastic. Etuix converts the PVC from billboards into daily objects like bags and purses, Thealy turns plastic bags into sneakers and DGrade processes plastic bottles to make everyday clothes like T-shirts.
Mr. Boffa also shared with us how his team at Etuix put up a billboard made from recycled plastic on Sheik Zayed Road, one of the busiest roads in Dubai, to spread awareness about their brand. The PVC used in that billboard was then used to produce bags. Another example of his marketing geniuses; he was the promoter and ambassador of ‘The Flipflopi’ a boat fabricated with plastic from molten flip-flops, the boat then voyaged from Kenya to Zanzibar to spread awareness about plastic in our oceans.
We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Matteo Boffa for sharing with us this journey towards a greener planet.

IMT Dubai was delighted to welcome Dr. Sanjeev Dixit, General Manger-The Himalaya Drug Company

Have you ever thought, why we do what we do?

The students were left awestruck by Dr. Sanjeev Dixit, General Manger-The Himalaya Drug Company as he made every student self-reflect about the things we do in our daily life. Dr. Dixit made everyone ponder upon why we do an activity and what leads to the thought process behind it. These were some basic but mind boggling questions posed by him. Our belief is driven by our values, which drives the thinking process and the actions. As published in his paper, he introduced everyone to the formula for enhancing their Personal/Professional value. IMT would like to thank Dr. Sanjeev for taking out his valuable time to instill these iconic lessons in students. It will surely help the students in optimizing their future decisions and values.

IMT Dubai was enthralled to welcome Fincasa Capital on its campus.

IMT Dubai was enthralled to welcome Fincasa Capital on its campus. The company provides tailor-made services for businesses that wish to relocate to other countries by way of making investments worldwide. The company operates in the investment migration industry, as mentioned by the CEO, Varis Sayed. He briefly explained about this emerging industry and how it engages an excellent talent pool. Starting small himself, he emphasized on the fact that it’s the path that matters and not how or where we actually begin. He urged everyone to aim for value addition and invest time to develop skills and knowledge.

IMT Dubai would like to thank the Fincasa team for taking out time and enlightening us about the company’s workings and environment. The students surely added value in their lives through this session.

IMT had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Balaji Vaidyanathan, Marketing Director, Franklin Templeton

On 7th November, we hosted Mr. Balaji Vaidyanathan, Marketing Director, Franklin Templeton. He spoke about “Money and Millennials “. In today’s day and age where savings are the last thing on millennial’s mind, Mr. Vaidyanathan shed light on why we should not let savings be in the hindsight.

He shared that not only investments have the ability of support our long-term plans but also suffice our short-term needs. It is the chase of short-term gratification that one should not pursue, keeping in mind a bigger picture and investing systematically one can better prepare for exigencies, rising standards of living and an early retirement, he said.
Mr. Vaidyanathan also touched upon the variance among investors across different countries in terms of financial education. He shared the importance of capitalising on the three Ts – Time, Technology and Taking risks.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Balaji Vaidyanathan for taking the time to address us.

IMT had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Makram Hani

Mr. Makram Hani introduced everyone to various facets of Real Estate marketing and how it is different from marketing FMCG goods.

He spoke about recent trends such as Tiktok that are becoming a rage and overpassing Facebook and Instagram in terms of attractiveness to marketers.

Mr. Hani stressed upon the need of developing a habit of reading, to keep abreast with the marketing trends. He also talked about AI and technology and how they remain to be the game changers in their true sense.
Mr. Hani inspired every student to not only limit to the broad perspective but also to focus on minute details.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Makram Hani, for taking out the time and enlighten us at IMT Dubai.