Business Simulations: Learning through virtual reality

Business Simulations: Learning through virtual reality

Student centered experiential learning is the core of any business management education. Simulated teaching methods link theory with practice and develop individuals ready to face the corporate world. Use of simulations help build the confidence of the participants leading to understand the real business problems through the virtual reality resulting in reinforcement of the desired behavior by the mentor. The critical thinking skills of the students enhance as they encounter the problems and solve them in teams.

Simulations are best technology enabled learning tools which help participants look at the real world problems where they can make mistakes, learn from them and apply the learning before facing the real world. A well-designed simulation can be self-empowering, enjoyable experience leading to the application of knowledge providing real perception of the situation. They can be customized accordingly to meet the requirements of any business management course. Most of the simulations are user friendly and web based keeping the participants engaged.

This technique engages students to work in teams providing a dynamic learning environment which leads to creation of layer of knowledge and finally retention of what one has learnt. It leads to experimentation and failure and then again learning from failures. One can learn, track and optimize the learning environment with this technology based technique.

Simulations use real-world situations and enhance student learning. This leads to holistic thinking, development of managerial and social skills through proactive decision making. The students get feedback which is critical to build competencies. They get into the role of marketing managers, strategists, sales executives, human resource, finance, supply chain specialists, and entrepreneurs in real organizations through this virtual tool. Use of simulation fills the space that exists between the knowledge of graduating students and the actual skills required in most business situations. They make learning fun while keeping the teams engaged imbibing knowledge and getting ready to take the challenges of the real corporate world.

-Dr. Vimi Jham
Associate Professor

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