All applicants for admission are required to obtain equivalency certificate of their Bachelor’s degree from the UAE Ministry of Education located in Dubai, UAE. The equivalency process is dependent upon whether the student has completed his/her degree within the UAE or outside the UAE. The onus of getting their Bachelors’ Degree equivalency rests with the concerned student. IMT is not liable if a student is not able to receive his/her equivalency certificate. 

Applicants who completed Bachelor degree outside the UAE 

They are provisionally admitted to the University and permitted to commence the first term of study. However, they must have their Bachelor degree and transcripts/mark sheets certified by: 

  1. The issuing University and/or recognized authority for tertiary education in the host country in which they completed their education; 

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the host country; 

  1. The UAE Embassy in that host country; 

  1. The Embassy of the host country in UAE must attest the authenticity of the documents and attestations. 

Additionally, the UAE Ministry of Education must issue an Equivalency Certificate. 

In special cases, if allowed by the authorities, the certificates may be verified against originals by Embassies in the UAE and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

An applicant who is unable to secure the Equivalency Certificate as outlined above at the time of admission will be asked to sign a “Consent to Provide Documents” form agreeing to secure the equivalency by three months. The applicant will be permitted to commence his/her studies at IMTD. 

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