Scholarship & Financial Aid


At IMT Dubai, we do our best to encourage qualified students to excel even more in their academic and career paths. We are inclined (without any commitment) to offer scholarships to selective candidates joining our undergraduate and postgraduate programs. We offer various levels of scholarships & discounts granted, based on a holistic view of the candidate’s profile. Scholarship decisions take place through a comprehensive, holistic review process by Scholarship Board Committee
Scholarship Category
Based on
Scholarship Percentage
1 Merit Based Scholarship
Awarded to IMT Post Grad student for meritorious academic performance from the 2nd semester onwards
Up to 20%
2 Women Achievement Scholarship
Female students - based on essay impact
Up to 20% first semester tuition fee
3 Sibling Discount
Sibling Reference
Up to 10% next two semesters
4 Financial Aid / Compassionate
To students with financial hardship
Up to 40% total tuition fee
5 International Student Scholarship
For students from countries such as North and South America, Africa, Central Asia, CIS and East Asia
Up to 40% first and last semester tuition fee
6 Academic Excellence Scholarship Academic Score Up to 50% on first semester


Applicants for the Academic Scholarship must fulfill at least 2 of the following criteria to be eligible:

  • A partial merit-based scholarship of 50% on first-semester tuition fees for students with an outstanding achievement in their undergraduate scoring 70% and above or equivalent with an IELTS score of 7.0 overall
  • Exceptional postgraduate qualification such as Chartered Accountant or other graduate work/certificates
  • Outstanding achievements in social service, sports, and extracurricular activities will also be considered (The applicant will provide certificate/ proof of the same)
  • Exceptional work experience

All applicants will be considered for an Academic Scholarship at the time of admissions to the program only.


If a student score CGPA of 3.75 and above during the program, he/she is eligible for merit scholarship for the next semester of the program. As per the scheme up to 20% of the following semester’ tuition fee is exempted for the students. For the merit based scholarships, student will be informed about the scholarship they may be eligible for and should meet the criteria as they will automatically receive the scholarship according to the student handbook.


This scholarship category is only open to female students.

Students with work experience of more than six months must submit an essay (at least 300 words) introducing their experience, current job profile and the achievement to motivate why she should be considered for the scholarship. The decision will be based on the essay; resume and study plan.

Students can get scholarship up to 20% on the first-semester tuition fee depending on the impact of the essays. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. (The scholarship committee will judge the essay)


When an existing student refers his brother/sister to pursue their degree at IMT Dubai, both the students are given a discount of 10% on the next two semesters tuition fee. (The existing student will get the rebate for the next 2 semesters and the sibling for first and last semester). In case, one of the sibling in the last semester of study, no discount will apply to him/her.


The objective of these scholarships is to promote access to higher education to students facing financial hardship.


Student must have an academic average of 70% or above to apply.

CGPA must be 3.30 or higher for the scholarship to continue. Scholarship holders failing to meet the above-mentioned requirements will no longer be entitiled to retain their scholarship and will therefore have to pay the applicable tuition fees in order to continue their studies.

Students must submit the following documents:

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Current Rental contract
  • Bank statements
  • Employee certificate and salary statement for each employed family member
  • Copy of Passport and Visa for all working family members (or both parents)
  • Any relevant documents as a proof of financial inability

All documentation will be kept confidential. Any application with incomplete documentation will not be considered by the scholarship committee when awarding the Financial Hardship Scholarships.


Applicants from underrepresented countries or regions may qualify for special international scholarships, to provide a truly global learning experience. A maximum of 10 students from Africa, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent Countries) and Asia will be offered of up to 40% on the first and last semester tuition fee.


  • Scholarships are not granted for living costs, transportation, insurance, visa costs, registration, books, activities or other fees.
  • The grant will be adjusted equally against each semester tuition fee.
  • The student will be awarded only 1 type of scholarship, rebate or discount of the highest value in case a student qualifies more than one.
  • Scholarships and grants are valid for the term offered and cannot be deferred. All conditions of the offer must be fulfilled before a scholarship can be awarded.
  • New students must satisfy all academic and English language entry requirements for admission before being awarded a scholarship or grant.
  • The above scholarship scheme is valid for the academic sessions in 2018.

Note: The scholarship committee is composed of the Program Chairs; Admissions Head and the Committee chair.

To know more about scholarships, please contact or +971 4 4227244 / 3638862