Oratory Skills

JAM (Just A Minute)

The panellists (of 4) are invited, in rotation, to speak for one minute on a given subject (which they are normally not informed of in advance), without “hesitation, repetition or deviation“.

Rules and Regulations:

  • The event is conducted in panels of 4, where there are points for challenging the speaker within the given minute.
  • Extra points will be awarded for speaking while the bell is rung to indicate end of allotted time.

Turncoat Debate

A Turncoat Debate is a form of debate where the speaker literally debates against himself / herself. The speaker starts by speaking For or Against and switches sides after a specific duration of time.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Participants will be allotted their order of presentation at the registration desk on the day of the competition.
  • Every participant will choose his / her motion through a draw of lots and will be given 10 minutes to prepare for the same.
  • Speaking Time: Each speaker will have to speak for 5 minutes on the given topic. The initial (For or Against) will be given to the speaker along with the topic.
  • Competitors will be judged on their ability to equally divide time and arguments between for and against within the given time limit.
  • There will be a buzzer after 4 minutes, informing the need to wrap up with the argument in 1 minute.
  • The bell-person is the time keeper of the debate. He or she will indicate the first and fifth minute of the speech by showing up a placard.

Relay Speaking

Each team consists of three speakers, where at any moment one has to stop and other person has to begin speaking.

Rules and regulations:

  • Each team constitutes of three speakers – the opener, developer and the closer.
  • Each team will be given 5 minutes to prepare on the topic.
  • The opener goes to the podium, focusing on introducing the topic and giving broad frame of the speech.
  • The developer will follow the opener, thoroughly developing the ideas brought out by the opener, building a moving speech.
  • The closer ties the speech together, giving a conclusion.
  • The change between the different speakers is by the time-keeper, indicated by the bell and will be at random.
  • Total speaking time for a team is 10 minutes.


The Ship is sinking and there’s only one life-jacket. Do you deserve it?

Rules and Regulations:

  • The participant is given the role of any fictional or real character. They are on the ship with other famous celebrities/ fictional characters/ hypothetical characters. The challenge is to sink into the given character and try to escape from the sinking ship by using their impressive, convincing skills and prove that they deserve the only Life-jacket.
  • Random panels of 3 will be formed on the spot and characters will be allotted through draw of lots.
  • The participants are judged on content, humour, cogent arguments, valid points and audience response.