Dark Business Chamber

A dark room with loads of fun, adventure, thrill and knowledge and one final answer. As the name suggests the event is based on the theme of business where a combination of analytical skills and business world awareness will be required to find out the final answer. Can you get the final key?

Rules and Regulations:

  • A team of 1-2 can participate
  • Registration is compulsory (On spot registrations are available for hourly slots only)
  • Solve business related clues to reach next clue
  • Some credit points will be given to each team which can be exchanged for assists
  • No items (Mobiles, laptops, papers,etc.) can be used Team with max credits will be declared winners
  • In case of a tie the time taken to reach final stop will determine the winner
  • Breaching the rules will attract penalties.

Pitch Please

Pitch Please is an inter-level startup competition. With Pitch Please, we have a single aim – to be the enabler for the perfect intersection between the disruptors and the investors. We want to assist and work closely with exceptional founders who have the potential to build extremely large and impactful companies.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Startup must be at the prototyping/MVP phase
  • At-least one of the founders must be a student (team of max 4)
  • Round 1:​
    • Submit a brief overview of your startup idea which should contain the following:  Problem definition, your idea in brief and why your idea is unique
    • Experienced academicians and industry professionals will review the applications for 2nd round.
  • Round 2:​
    • The top 10 applicants will enter the second and final round of the competition
    • You will have 8 minutes to pitch for their product to a panel of judges comprising of investors, industry experts and academicians. It will be followed by a 7 minute Q&A session.​

Mime & Marketing

Can you sell a product without speaking? How good are you at dumb charades, because this will test all your skills!

Rules & Regulations:

  • Participants should enroll as 2 members per group
  • Each group will be asked to enact for 5 brands/ products
  • Both group members have to enact at-least once
  • The group which guesses the most will be winner
  • In case of tie then the quickest group will be announced as winner
  • In case time also doesn’t differentiates teams then the top teams would be asked to guess one more and this time the quickest, correct guessing team would be announced the winner
  • The participants should mime only.


The ultimate quizzing format, it’s exciting format will keep you hooked!

Rules & Regulations:

  • 2-3 participants per team
  • Theme: General Quiz Round 1 will be a written round
  • Round 2 will be written/oral based on number of entries
  • Round 3 will be an oral quiz
  • Half of the teams will proceed to Round 2
  • Top 3 teams will proceed for Round 3.

Best Bull of the Market

This is a competition where teams of 2-3 members compete against each other and show who is the best bull of the market who can win it all. There are 3 rounds, where the participants use the knowledge to take the market by its horns and show everyone who the real bull is.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Teams of 2-3 participants
  • The first round is an online quiz for general stock market awareness
  • Second round is the stock recommendation round
  • The final round is a trading simulator round carried out on a virtual platform. Those who come out profitable in this round are tagged as the winners
  • For the second round every team will be allotted different company with sufficient data, time frame of one hour will be provided to come to the conclusion. Then recommendation time for each time is 5 -10 mins including Q&A round
  • Final round will be next day of the event, span of one hour will be given to each team to trade and maximise the profit.

Minute to Win it

All you have is a minute; and a lot of tasks, can you complete them all?

Rules & Regulations:

  • Individual event. Every individual will be given a choice of 10 activities.
  • Every activity will have a certain score allotted to it based on the difficulty level.
  • Participants will need to choose 5 out of these 10 to maximize their score.
  • Each activity must be completed within 1 minute. Participant with the maximum score will win.
  • In case of draw, Operations committee will decide by arranging 3 final events.