Mock Stock market is an event in which dummy companies are created with a defined background and stock prices. Then, this company’s securities are released on day one at a certain price. The participants are given a certain budget and they are allowed to invest on these securities. Depending on the trade and news flash related to the fields of these companies, the market price fluctuates on basis of a defined algorithm. At the end of the day the participants’ net value is calculated and updated and at the end of the week the overall net value is calculated. The participant with highest net value is awarded as the winner.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Each participant will be given a fixed budget at the start of the event.
  • A session of 45 minutes is considered one day.
  • A total of 6 sessions divided in two days comprises of a week
  • The participants wouldn’t be allowed to trade after the session gets over.
  • The prices are determined on a set algorithm depending on the amount of trading and changes occurring in the respective industry.
  • If anyone is caught committing insider trading will be disqualified immediately.
  • The news flash will happen on the designed portal.
  • The overall net value will only be calculated at the end on the vent and no query of value calculation will be entertained during the event.

Dark Business Chamber

One hour in the dark room with loads of fun, adventure, thrill and knowledge and one final answer. Everything is limited- the time, the clues, the light, the space except your thoughts. Can you get the final key?

As the name suggests the event is based on the theme of business and marketing where a combination of analytical skills and business world awareness will be required to find out the final answer. Teams will be expected to reach the final answer with the minimum no. of helps and maximum credit points.

Rules and Regulations:

  • A team of two or an individual can participate in the event. ❖ Registration is compulsory to participate.
    On the spot registrations will be available for hourly slots.
  • The minimum age requirement to participate is 15 years.
  • Some credit points will be given to each team which can be exchanged for assists.
  • No items (phone, camera, papers, laptops etc.) will be allowed inside the dark business chamber except the items approved by the conducting body.
  • Failure to follow any rules/instructions provided will lead to automatic disqualification.

MAD Ads/ Flash Marketing

A range of daily-use and brand specific (sponsoring brand’s new or upcoming items/services) products (8-10) will be showcased. Participants will have the liberty to choose any product/service of their wish. Then, they will have to use their tactic to perform a creative Ad or any skit and must present it on the center-stage with the sole aim of gathering a maximum number of viewers. Their tactics and acts will be judged on creativity, uniqueness, and relevance. At the end of each day, winners will be announced.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Participants will be given 3-5 minutes to come up with ideas for their Acts.
  • Acts should be relevant to the product and it should be original.
  • Acts should not be offensive to any groups, religions or nationals.
  • Failure to follow any rules/instructions provided will lead to automatic disqualification.


It is the 3rd version of SQUEEZ (The SCOPE Quiz). Areas of interest will be general business knowledge, operations, supply chain & logistics. It will comprise of 3 fun filled rounds.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Team size-2
  • Any number of teams can register from any university.
  • The theme of the 3 main rounds will be disclosed later.

The Beer Game

Traditional Supply Chain simulation game, a.k.a Beer Distribution game. There will be four players in a team in which, one will be manufacturer, one will be wholesaler, one will be distributor and one will be retailer. Retailer will sell beer to the end consumer. The demand of the consumer will be given. Retailer will replenish its stock from the distributor, the distributor will do the same from the wholesaler and the wholesaler will do the same from manufacturer. All the players in a team has to ensure that the beer reaches to the customer at the lowest cost. There will be two types of cost, out of which one will be beer holding cost and the other will be backorder cost like in one player in the team do not have enough beer to supply to the other player or to the customer. The team having lowest cost at the end will win. Participants required to have knowledge of very basic mathematics like addition and multiplication.

Rules & Regulations:

Team size – 4 members

Build Your Factory

Build Your Factory is a simulation game where you can test your team’s organizational and entrepreneurship skills. This event focuses on both the internal and external factors. Your team will be asked to do process layout for your factory which will make use of every square meter, and cuts production costs to absolute minimum. Your team is also responsible for determining the location of your factory based on availability of raw materials, transportation facilities, etc. Your team can expect a variety of surprise constraints and problems as real life will not be as always as predicted. Thus the main objective of the team is to design the most productive factory in order to win over the competitors and make your company profitable. Are you ready to compete?

Rules & Regulations:

Team size – 4 members

CXO of the Year

Teams of 3 members will be allowed to register in which each team must have a member designated as COO, CFO and CMO. The first of selection will be in Quiz form and the top 10 teams will qualify for round 2. In round 2, the teams will be given cases based on real life scenarios with just the names of the company and people changed and will be asked to come to decision. The team whose analysis comes very near to the real life analysis done by the company will be awarded as the winner of the competition.

Rules & Regulations:

  • A team of exact 3 members will only be allowed to participate.
  • During the quiz round, no teams will be allowed to access phones or calculators.
  • During round 2, the teams will be allowed to use calculators only.
  • Any type of discussion or misconduct with any other team or organizers of the event will lead to disqualification.