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Message From The Director

Welcome to IMT Dubai !

The Institute of Management Technology Dubai (IMT Dubai) is an international business school  devoted to preparing industry-ready, socially responsible, and entrepreneurial professionals for businesses throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Each program at IMT Dubai is carefully designed to help students to develop a business acumen and a consciousness of citizenship that will propel them into leadership roles in the future. Delivered by a highly accomplished, international faculty, the curriculum  is rigorous and very much in sync with the local and global context. It also draws upon the research insights of the professors and the latest thinking in the field.

IMT Dubai is committed to the development of the so-called 21st century skills that businesses require to stay competitive in the increasingly dynamic international business environment. This is reflected in the pedagogical innovation that drives course design at IMT Dubai, and the real-world orientation that  combines academic study with industry engagement activities such as immersions, internships, live-projects, and panel discussions throughout the calendar year.

By choosing to study at IMT Dubai, you will enter a state-of-the-art campus, with a focus on the future. The journey can be fast and furious, but it’s exciting. The world is changing at a rapid pace and, at IMT Dubai, we want to make sure that you are equipped with the knowledge, know-how and soft skills to succeed. This is key to the successful placement of our graduates, with the companies we network with throughout the UAE and elsewhere in the world

Over the past 10 years, IMT Dubai has become a prominent and widely-recognized brand in the UAE, and is one of the few locally and internationally accredited business school. The successes of our 1000+ alumni are testimony to this. Indeed, we take great pride in actively participating in the development of the region, with many students and alumni remaining in the Emirates. But whether they stay or live and work in another part of the world, all graduates of IMT have the common characteristic of an international mindset.

We shall not deviate from this path in the coming years as we continue our development as an international business school. Our culture of quality and relevance is paramount and we stand by our motto: “Dubai experience, Global Impact”.

Dr. Francois Therin
Director, IMT Dubai