Management Lounge Meetup

IMT Dubai conducted the Management Lounge Meetup October 2017 at the campus in DIAC. The theme of the event was “Innovation in Management” which was graced by prominent personalities from various schools in Dubai.

The workshop presented by Professor Jeremy Williams encouraged the participants to reflect on what it means to be a professional educator, school administrator or counselor in the 21st century. Its main purpose is to critique some of the popular beliefs about the characteristics of the current generation of students in schools, and what strategies might be employed to foster student engagement. The workshop also shared the possibilities and probabilities of employment and employability in the management side in current job market.

The Management Lounge Meetup is a unique platform that reaches out to our school partners for an interactive-academic collaboration. This is an initiative that benefits the principals and students through university engagements, projects, and talent-need collaborations.


Here’s a quick glance at the event conducted at our campus:

Mr. Nagesh Suryanarayana, MD of Protiviti UAE interacted with the students of IMT Dubai.

Mr. Nagesh Suryanarayana, Managing Director of Protiviti UAE, and Mr. Shailendra Rajan, Senior Manager, Protiviti UAE were present today for an interaction with the students of IMT Dubai.

Mr. Rajan spoke about the type of work consultancy firms do and the skillsets that recruiters look for. He also explained how consultancy requires individuals to be knowledgeable throughout the breadth of management rather than purely within their specialization.

Mr. Nagesh commenced by emphasizing the constancy of change within a consultancy environment, citing examples of how consumer behaviour had changed over the last decade. He then explained that in order to make sure you don’t get left behind, flexibility, diversity and a receptivity to these changes was paramount in being successful as a consultant—industries want transformation and are open to new and brilliant ideas that can take them forward. It was a rousing learning opportunity for the students who had a chance to learn from seasoned industry professionals and they can carry forward with them one simple idea:

“Whenever you promise transformation, you get money.”
Photos by Pixel-Eye Club, IMT DUBAI

MOU Signed between IMT Dubai & IEEE, UAE

IMT Dubai signs an MOU with IEEE UAE to support the initiative of expanding the grounds of education in the UAE. The MOU offers access to technical innovation, cutting-edge information, and exclusive member benefits.
Members support IEEE’s mission to advance technology for humanity and the profession. At the same time, memberships build a platform to introduce technology careers to the students.

MOU Signed between IMT Dubai & Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

Sunday 20th August 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS), M.E. Chapter and Institute of Management Technology Dubai (IMT Dubai), to foster education and industry collaboration between the two parties.

IMT Dubai, a top Business School in the UAE, is launching a Masters in Supply Chain and Logistics Management in February 2018. The IMT-ICS collaboration represents the commitment to educate industry-ready graduates who are academically and professionally strong to lead the shipping and logistics industry in the UAE.

The signing ceremony was attended by more than 60 ICS members. During the signing ceremony, Dr. Francois Therin quoted “With the strong presence of the logistics sector in the UAE and lots of our students specializing in this area, we are very happy to move further in our commitment with this industry through this partnership. Together with ICS, we will develop actions towards uplifting the shipping industry to the benefits of our students and of the current employees in the industry.” He added, “This agreement is fully aligned with the vision and mission of IMT Dubai for the next years”

Mr. Subarmaniam, CEO of ICS added “I’m delighted to sign this new agreement with IMT Dubai, which marks the commencement of our partnership. On behalf of ICS- ME I would like to extend a sincere thanks to the IMT Dubai and in particular Dr. Francois Therin for the excellent support they have provided for collaboration.” He commented “This MOU will facilitate the mutual sharing of best practices and expertise in learning of supply chain and logistics trends and research – pedagogy, and the professional development of our members.”